Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies, Ideas & Decorations

  • It wouldn't be Oz without a yellow brick road. Using either sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint or yellow butcher paper create a yellow brick road leading to the party entrance.
  • Create a rainbow balloon arch at the party entrance. Either purchase the arch or make it using kite string and red, blue, yellow, orange and green balloons.
  • Another great Wizard of Oz party supply is blue and white checkered tablecloths. Use these on the party tables and put them in baskets filled with flowers and use as centerpieces.
  • For another centerpiece idea use rainbow lollipop displays. Using baskets place craft foam inside. Stick the lollipops in the craft phone arranging them to look like a flower arrangement. Hide the craft foam with colorful candy such as Skittles or M&Ms. For an added design touch put colorful pinwheels in the display as well.
  • Put a sign at the party entrance that says "Welcome to the Land of Oz".
  • Serve the party food and snacks in baskets lined with blue checkered cloth.
  • Decorate with colorful paper chains. Use them as you would streamers.
  • For balloons you can either use rainbow colors or emerald green and ruby red.
  • Have the soundtrack from the movie playing.
  • Create Dorothy’s tornado blown house complete with witches legs and ruby shoes sticking out from underneath. You will need a dollhouse, the legs of a doll, striped tights and red shoes for the doll. Dress the legs in the tights and shoes and make them stick out from underneath the house. Now you've got Dorothy’s house!
  • Another great Wizard of Oz party supply is a scarecrow. You can't have a Wizard of Oz birthday party without a scarecrow. Put one on the front door or in the lawn.


Goody Bag Ideas - Use baskets lined with blue checkered cloth. Fill the baskets with stuffed dogs (Toto) or stuffed lions (Cowardly Lion), wands, candy hearts, apples or apple shaped candy, pinwheels, cotton candy.


Oz Scenes

  1. Put a large sheet of paper on a table and allow the kids to draw their favorite scene from the movie.

Yellow Brick Hop Scotch

  1. Draw a hop scotch board in yellow and have the kids play hop scotch.

Lion's Face

  1. Have the kids make lion faces using paper plates.
  2. Provide plates, pipe cleaners, stickers, ear and nose shapes cut out of felt, buttons, ribbons, crayons, markers, glue, etc.

Lion Bean Bag Toss

  1. Paint a lion's face on a medium-sized cardboard box, cut a hole for the mouth (the hole should be big enough to easily fit a bean bag).
  2. Have the kids toss the bean bags through the lions mouth!

Face Painter

  1. Hire a face painter.
  2. Make sure the face painter can paint lions, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow among other things the kids might want.
  3. Be sure to get parental permission before painting any child's face. If the parents are not staying for the party you may want to mention it in the invitation.

Pin the Heart on the Tinman

  1. Play just like Pin the Nose on the Clown.

Fishing For Apples

  1. Put apples in a large bin (for example a cooler) and fill it with water.
  2. Have the kids try to fish the apples out using small nets such as fish tank nets.
Wizard Says
  1. Play just like Simon Says

Pass the Red Ruby Slipper

  1. Play just like Hot Potato but using a red shoe

Find Toto

  1. Hide a stuffed dog around the party area and have the kids search for it.
  2. Whoever finds Toto gets to keep him.

Roar like a lion

  1. The kids get to show off their fiercest roar.

Scarecrow Relay

  1. You will need cut out pieces of the scarecrow's body such as head, pants, shirt, hands, shoes, hat, etc.
  2. You will need enough pieces for each team to build a complete scarecrow.
  3. Place the pieces in separate piles for each team.
  4. You will also need a wall or area where the kids can build the scarecrow.
  5. Line up the teams. Each child races to the pile picks up a piece of the scarecrow and tapes it to the wall and then runs back to their team.
  6. The next in line goes until the scarecrow is complete.
  7. First team to finish their scarecrow wins.

Wizard of Oz Trivia

Who knows the most about the Wizard of Oz.


Rainbow colored food: Jell-O in rainbow colors served with a whipped cream cloud, Skittles, M&Ms, sherbet in rainbow colors

Heart shaped cookies

Chicken nuggets


Witches Brew - green Kool-aid and Sprite or lemon lime soda

Caramel Apples

Rainbow cake - Use a horse shoe shaped cake to make a rainbow cake. Flip the cake upside down and frost using rainbow colors.

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