Transformers Party Supplies

Transform your child's party from ordinary to extraordinary with a Transformer party. Transformers are a popular kid’s party theme and we have included all the party products you need to throw your child a Transformers party they will love.

We've included party products such as paper products, decorations, favors and costumes. Take a look at over 60 products that you can use for your next Transformers party.

Transformers Party Supplies:

1) Start the decorating process by purchasing a some Transformers themed party supplies.  No need to invent the wheel when these products have already been made.  Using these products will make your party planning a lot easier

2) After using some of the many Transformer party products add a few elements of your own.  Decorate with planets and aliens. Put pictures on the walls and hang planets from the ceiling.

3) You can even use food as part of your theme.  Serve lunch or snacks on a buffet table and call it "Cybertron Refueling Station".  Name your food after you favorite Transformers.  Serve hot dogs and call them Hot Rods and serve a yellow punch and call it Bumblebee Punch.

4) You will need activities to keep the kids busy.  Allow the kids to transform (build) with Legos. Create a station with Legos and let the kids create.

5) Allow for some free play time with Transformers toys. Either provide the Transformer action figures or ask the children to bring an action figure with them.

6) Play Transformers freeze tag

  1. Divide kids into two teams
  2. One team is the Autobots,
  3. The other team is the Decepticons.
  4. Have the Autobots try to freeze the Decepticons by tagging them, or vice versa. While the Decepticons try to unfreeze their team mates by tagging them again.
  5. If the whole team gets frozen switch sides and play again

7) Kids love dressing in costumes. On the invitation tell the kids to wear a Transformers costume.

8) Play a classic Transformers TV show episode.

9) Create a face painting station. Supply kid-safe (non-toxic) face paint, cotton swabs and mirrors. Help the kids transform into their favorite Transformers character. Or, you can help them add the Transformers symbol on their cheek.

10) Create a Transformers treasure hunt. Hide Transformers figures around the house. Have the kids find the action figures. Each child gets 1 Transformers action figure to keep.

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