Train Birthday Party

Train Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

Train Birthday Party

Every little boy wants a train party at some point in his preschool years.  Luckily this is an easy party to decorate as there are 100'as of products made specifically for this type of party.  Store with a few products and then make the party unique using some of our tips.

Balloons are an essential part of any party. If you're throwing a Thomas The Train party then use red, blue and yellow balloons (these are the colors of Thomas The Train party supplies). If your focusing on trains but not Thomas in particular then choose any color balloons.  Also purchase a couple balloons shaped like a train car or caboose.

Get the birthday child into the theme. Dress him or her in a conductor hat, bandanna and whistle.

Decorate the tables with white tables cloths. Tape black streamers down the middle of the table cloths to resemble train tracks. Put small trains on the track.

Make crossing lights using lamps with red and green bulbs.

Train Birthday Party Invitations

Create a train ticket as the invitation. Be sure to include text similar to:

All Aboard!

We're Having a Party to Celebrate ______'s Birthday!

Departure Time: (Party beginning and end time)

Station: (The party address)

Reserve Your Train By: (include your RSVP date and phone number or email address)

If you want to include that food will be served then include: The Dining Car Will be Serving Lunch and Cake.

Train Birthday Party Activities

Train Set

Set up a train set for the kids to have free play.

Coal Pile Up

  1. Divide the kids into 2 teams.
  2. Give each team 1 bucket.
  3. A distance away have a pile of coal (use aluminum foil scrunched into balls).
  4. Have each team race to fill their bucket with coal. Each child runs to the coal pile, picks up 1 piece of coal and runs back handing the bucket to the next person on the team.
  5. The team with the most coal at the end is the winner.

Conductor's Egg Toss

  1. Use a conductors hat and plastic egg.
  2.  Divide the children into teams of 2.
  3. Each team gets 2 conductors hats and 1 plastic egg.
  4. Have the children in each team of 2 stand a distance apart. Have them toss the egg back and forth catching it in the conductors hat. After each round move the teams further apart. A team is out if the egg touches the ground.
  5. The team that lasts the longest without dropping the egg wins.

Ride the Train

  1. Play like musical chairs, but line the chairs up in a row to resemble the seats on a train. Remember to have 1 less chair then children.
  2. Play music. Preferably a train song for example, I've Been Working on the Railroad. Start the music and have the children circle the chairs. When the music stops the children must sit down.
  3. The child without a train seat is out.

Train Hunt

  1. This game can also double as the party favor.
  2. Hide small toy trains around the party area.
  3. Set the kids loose to look for the trains. Once they find a train they are done and have there prize.
  4. Be sure to have enough trains hidden so that each child gets a train.

Red Light, Green Light

  1. Have the kids line up holding on to one another from behind.
  2. When you say green light, the train (the kids) start moving.
  3. When you say red light the children must stop in their tracks
  4. Any child still moving or making noise after the red light are out

Train Birthday Party Food

Serve round sandwiches and call them wheels. Donuts can also serve as wheels.

Traditional party food is fine such as pizza, chicken nuggets and french fries.

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