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Toy Story Party


Toy Story Ideas and Decorations

What child doesn’t want to spend their birthday with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the whole Toy Story gang! Planning a Toy Story party for your little one is sure to be a hit.

We all know Woody is a cowboy and Buzz Lightyear is a space traveler so whether you mix both themes or choose just one decorating for this party is fun and easy.

1) Use cowboy hats as centerpieces. Tie balloons to the hats to make them more festive.

2) In place of traditional party hats give the guests cowboy hats to wear. Hand out sheriff badges for the kids to wear on their clothes.

3) Use "cowboy" rope the same way you would use streamers. **Note: Rope can be a choking hazard. Be careful to tack the rope well so that the children can't pull it down.

4) Use red bandannas in inventive ways (such as napkins, liners for trays, chair bows).

5) Use the green plastic army men as decoration. Line them up on the tables, put them on the food trays and so on.

6) Use a pink piggy bank as a keepsake for the party. Provide slips of paper and have the guests right a short note to the birthday boy/girl and put it in the piggy bank. If the children are young and can't write on their own, then have an adult help them write their name. This will be a cute keepsake for your child to look back on when they are older.

Toy Story Party Invitations

If you are going to make your own invitations than a Cowboy Hat shaped invite is a cute idea. Be sure to attach string to the hat for the tie to make it authentic.

Toy Story Party Activities

Woody's Hide and Seek

  1. This is hide and seek with a twist. Appoint 1 child as Woody and the other children have to hide.
  2. As Woody finds each person they join Woody in finding the remaining children.
  3. The last one left is the winner and gets to be Woody!

Woody and Buzz Dress Up Relay

  1. Divide the children into teams of two. One team will be Woody and one team will be Buzz Lightyear.
  2. Put 2 piles of clothing at the opposite end of the room from the children. 1 pile of clothing should be cowboy clothes (jeans, cowboy boots, vest, etc.) and the other pile should be space ranger clothes (such as snow boots, puffy parka, a helmet, etc.).
  3. 1 child from each team runs to their pile of clothes and must put on all the items. They then run back to their team and remove the clothes. The next team member must put the clothes on run back to the other end of the room and remove the clothes.
  4. The relay continues until all the children have had a turn. The team that finishes first wins.

Hot Mr. Potato Head

  1. Play like Hot potato. Have the children sit or stand in a circle and pass Mr. Potato Head around while music plays.
  2. Whoever is holding Mr. Potato Head when the music stops is out.
  3. The last child standing is the winner. Note: play music from the Toy Story movies.

The Claw

The little aliens couldn't wait to be chosen by the claw. We've put a twist on the claw.

  1. You will need a bucket filled with something squishy like cooked spaghetti or macaroni, add the green army men or something small like marbles to your concoction and you'll need a blindfold.
  2. Put the "something squishy" in the bucket along with the green men or marbles.
  3. Blindfold each child before they take their turn (great way to use red bandanas).
  4. The blindfolded child gets 10 seconds to try to find an object in the bucket using the claw (which happens to be their hand).
  5. If they find an object they get a prize.

Note: The kids will think its loads of fun to put their hands in something slimy.

Toy Story Trivia

  1. Have the kids answer trivia from Toy Story 1, 2 and 3.


  1. In the Toy Story movies the toys have to freeze whenever people are around, so why not make your guests freeze.
  2. Have an adult stand at one end of the play area with his/her back turned to the kids.
  3. The kids have to try to reach the adult while his/her back is turned.
  4. If the adult turns and catches a child moving they are out.

Toy Story Party Food

Star Sandwiches (using a star shaped cookie cutter)

Serve onion rings and call them "Saturn Rings"

Serve hot dogs and call them "Slinky Dogs"

Buzz Space Punch (Any punch with an odd color such as neon or green)


Alien Cupcakes


Baked cupcakes flavor of your choice

White frosting

Neon green food coloring

Small white marshmallows

Brown M&Ms or Chocolate Chip

Green licorice

Green gum drops


  1. Add a few drops of neon green food coloring to white frosting. Then ice the cupcakes.
  2. Pipe 3 eyes using either white icing or 3 small marshmallows for each cupcake. Place them next to each other to create the eyes of the Toy Story Alien.
  3. Add 1 dot of black gel icing to each eye for the pupils.
  4. Add one green licorice to each cupcake at the top of the head of the alien to make the antenna.
  5. Make the ears using green gum drops.
  6. Use the a black dot, chocolate chip or M&M as the mouth.

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