Toddler Birthday Party


A toddler birthday party can be as easy or as difficult to plan as you make it. Toddlers are extremely easy to please when it comes to birthday parties, simple and short works for them. A toddler party should be 2 no more than 3 hours and guests should be limited to close family and friends. Can't get much simpler than that.

When choosing a theme ask your toddler what they want. At this age they can voice their likes and dislikes and most likely there is a cartoon character, story book or movie that they are obsessed with and would like reflected on their big day.

If your child doesn't choose a theme then of course choose for them and remember make it simple. The theme can be based around their age for example a birthday party based around the number 2 or based around a favorite color or an object like trains or balls. Decorations can be home made or to make it simple, purchase the decorations from a party supplier.

Here are some fun ideas for a toddler birthday party

Here are some fun theme ideas for toddlers:

1) Cowboy Birthday Party - Throw your cowboy/girl a stompin' good time! Kids love cowboys so throw a cowboy or cowgirl party and have a Hee Haw good time!

2) Safari Party and Barnyard Party - Throw your little animal lover a roaring good time with a Safari Party!

3) Abby Cadabby Party - Magic is the name of the game when it comes to an Abby Cadabby Party!

4) Elmo Party - All kids love their Red Furry Friend Elmo!

5) Sesame Street Party - If you can't choose between the Sesame Street characters then include all the friends in the neighborhood!

6) Doc McStuffins Party -The Doc is in!  

7) Octonauts Party - Get your Creature Report ready!  It's time to party!

8) Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Party.  Does your child dream of partying with Daniel!

9) Backyardigans Party - Having a backyard party...why not have the Backyardigans join your party!

10) Dora The Explorer Party - Throw your adventure seeker a Dora The Explorer party!

11) Superhero Party - Choose a favorite superhero or include them all. Nothing beats the super power of a superhero party!

12) Mickey Mouse - What kid doesn't want their favorite mouse at their birthday party? You can't go wrong with a Mickey Mouse party!


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