Top Ten Tips on Throwing a Party

Tips On Throwing A Party

1) Begin planning a kid's party 6 to 8 weeks prior to the party. 8 Weeks if you plan to have live entertainment (entertainment books up fast in some cities) and 6 weeks if not. This will give you plenty of time to plan the party without being rushed which equals less stress. Send invitations out around 4 weeks prior to the party. And the best time to have a kid's party is the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm. Kids are cranky at night and hyper in the morning.

2) Another helpful party planning tip is to always pick a theme. A theme serves as a blueprint to planning your party. Once you have the theme you know what direction to go, what types of items to seek and the overall tone of your party. Without a theme the party will be a miss-mash of disjointed ideas. ALWAYS PICK A THEME!  Then decide on your party decorations.

3) A great and inexpensive way to incorporate a theme at a children's party is through the 100's of products made specifically for children's themes such as Dinosaur party products, Jungle themed products, Barney products, Barbie, and the list is endless. You should absolutely incorporate some of these items into your party decor to bring your theme together. Another great way to make a party look festive without spending tons of money is balloons! Balloons are the best decoration for kids parties. If you're on a budget, buy balloons. Balloons make everything look festive.

4) Remember to always get your child's input when it comes to planning the party. After all it is about him. Giving your child an opportunity to have some input makes him feel involved and proud when his ideas are incorporated into the party.

5) Don't go overboard on food at a kids party. Children are more interested in the games and activities then the food. Easy food items are best such as sandwiches, hotdogs and pizza. Adding a touch of the theme is always a fun surprise such as dinosaur nuggets at a dinosaur party!

6) Have plenty of activities. There is nothing worse then a party full of kids and nothing to do. Kids won't sit still so if you don't provide something to do they will and it probably will not be what you want them doing. So, plan activities. Crafts are always a good choice that take up a good chunk of time. Story time is always good as long as the story is based around your theme. And if you are having an outdoor party physical activity is great. Kids want to be running around so organize a treasure hunt or relay race while keeping your theme in mind.

7) When having win or lose party games remember no child should go home empty handed. Make sure you have some games where everyone wins. Like a treasure hunt where each child keeps what they find. Or a pinata where all the kids get something.

8) More Tips on Throwing A Party - Kids love the goodie bag, but it's not necessary to spend alot of money on favors. Just like I said kids love THE goodie bag. It really doesn't matter what is in it. Kids just love the idea of getting something. So, add some candy and a few items that reflect your theme.

9) Don't think you have to be the most original party planner in the neighborhood. It is OK to repeat games you saw played at parties your kids attended. The party is for the kids and if they enjoyed the game at a friends party they'll enjoy it at yours. And have plenty of help. An active kids party can be alot for one person to monitor so enlist the help of others. This way your helper can conduct an activity while you get the cake cut. Also have enough people so that the children are monitored at all times. Remember you can't be in two places at once so get help.

10) When planning live entertainment keep in mind your age group. Don't plan a 45 minute puppet show for toddlers because their attention span will not allow them to sit still that long. For toddlers plan several shorter activities such as sing alongs and crafts.

I know it is supposed to be only 10 Tips On Throwing A Party, but I just can't stop there. As more ideas come to me I have to share them!

More Tips on Throwing a Party

11) An easy way to make any cake a theme cake is to bake a box mix cake and decorate it with small toys. This will instantly turn your plain cake into an amazing theme cake.

Remember to check back often for more tips on throwing a party!

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