Thomas The Train Games & Party Supplies

Thomas The Train has enjoyed the love and popularity from kids for many years.  Kids love Thomas, Percy, Sir Topham Hat and the whole gang.  And Thomas seems to be gender neutral.  Whether you have a little boy or little girl at some point you will be hearing about Thomas and his friends.  Therefore, there is a good chance you will be throwing a Thomas the Train theme party at some point as well.

Check out our some great Thomas The Train party supplies we have chosen:

Thomas The Train Games, Supplies & Ideas:

1) Decorate using the Thomas The Train color scheme.  Choose bright blue, red and yellow.

2) Use conductor hats as party hats in place of the traditional party hat.

3) Make it easy on yourself and use the many Thomas The Train party supplies available for purchase.  You can always add your own touch but the supplies make decorating easier and they are cute!!

4) Use whistles in place of blow outs.

5) Draw tracks leading to the front door. Have a sign on the door that says "Welcome to the island of Sodor!"  Or,draw tracks with chalk leading to the front door and put a Railroad Crossing sign on the front door.

6) When kids arrive, give them a boarding pass with a unique number on it and tell them to hold on to it (it may be easier to pin the numbers to their clothes or attach the numbers to a string and make necklaces the kids can wear). Put all the same numbers in a hat. Throughout the party, whenever things seem to be getting out of hand, draw a number from the hat and award the winner a prize. Make sure you've drawn all the numbers by the end of the party so no one is left out!  .

7) As we always recommend have plenty of games and activities on hand.  We like to take party games and tweak them to fit our theme.  For example: Play a game of "Hot Train" which is hot potato but using a train instead of a potato.  By tweaking a popular party game you have a game that fits your theme that you also know the kids will enjoy.

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