Tea Party Ideas

Little girls love nothing better than dressing up and acting grown up. Here are some great Tea Party Ideas to give them just that opportunity! They'll get to dress up for a party and act like mini grown ups for a couple of hours!

A tea party is also special because you can have a tea party for any occasion not just birthdays. Throw a special tea party for your daughter's friends during the summer months to keep the kids active and having fun.

A tea party can also be centered around a theme such as a Teddy Bear Tea, Tulip Tea, Alice in Wonderland Tea, Garden Tea or a Doll Tea.

Tea Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Yes, there are even tea party supplies and decorations. We suggest start decorating with a birthday tea party pack.

2) You MUST have a tea pot, tea cups, saucers, creamers and sugar dish at a tea party. But these items do not have to be expensive. Purchase inexpensive items from your local Walmart/Target or purchase plastic items.

3) Adapt your tea to a child's taste by offering flavored ice tea, warm cider or pink, lemonade instead of regular tea.

4) If you've chosen a theme for your tea party then decorate accordingly. Use Teddy Bears with balloons as centerpieces for a Teddy Bear Tea. Or Tulips and balloons for a Tulip Tea. Or if your haven't chosen a theme other than a Tea Party then use a teapot with flowers inside for your centerpieces. In addition, if you're having a Doll Tea then tell the girls to bring their favorite doll they'd like to have tea with to the party (put it on the invitation).

5) The best part of a Tea party is dressing up. You can handle this one of two ways: 1) On the invitation tell the guests to come dressed in their finest gowns or best dresses, or 2) When the children arrive have dresses available for them to change into at the party.

6) Regardless of whether the girls come dressed up or change at the party provide them all with white tea gloves when they arrive. Another fun touch is to have someone at the party put a little lipstick/lip gloss on the girls. You'll need to either have a disinfectant to clean the tube between applications or have a new lipstick for each girl to avoid sharing the same tube. We suggest having a new lipstick for each girl and then giving it to them as a take away. You can purchase inexpensive lipstick at your local drug store.

7) Remember a Tea Party should be feminine so decorate with doilies, tulle and flowers. Tulle on the chairs, flowers on the tables and doilies under their tea cups or as placemats!

8) This is a party so fill the party with balloons to match your color scheme.

Tea Party Ideas & Favors

Goody Bags Ideas - Makeup, hair accessories, bubbles, bubble bath, after bath spray, stickers, candy jewelry (necklaces, bracelets and rings).

Tea Party Ideas & Activities

Bead Making

Set up an area with beads and string for the girls to create necklaces and bracelets.

Decorate Headbands, Mirrors (or both)

Provide plastic headbands or mirror frames and allow the girls to decorate them using glue, glitter, plastic gems, beads and ribbon.

Musical Chairs

1) For this Kids Party Game place chairs in a circle. Put out one less chair then there are guests.

2) Play music while the kids walk around the chairs in a circle.

3) When the music stops the kids must all sit in a chair.

4) The child without a chair is out.

5) After each round remove a chair and then keep playing until one child is left. That child is the winner!


1) For this Kids Party Game you will need a tray and supplies related to a tea party such as a tea bag, sugar cube, spoon, milk carton(small), saucer, cup, flower, lipstick, glove, doll and so on.

2) Put several items on a tray. You will need at least 10 items.

3) Allow the kids to look at all the items on the tray for 1 minute.

4) Take the tray away and then have the kid’s guess what was on the tray. Whoever has the most correct items wins!

Coin Toss

Toss coins into tea cups from a distance.

Pass The Sugar

Pass a sugar cube around the table using only a spoon.

Free Play with dolls or teddy bears.

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Tea Party Ideas & Food

Finger sandwiches

Fruit skewers with caramel dip

Pizza (try something fancy like pineapple and ham)

Chicken nuggets with a raspberry dipping sauce

Mini pastries

Chocolate covered strawberries

Flavored ice tea, warm cider, pink lemonade

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