St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas & Decorations

  • It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without green, green and more green. Decorate with green decorations serve green drinks and green food!
  • Add a little luck of the Irish to your party by hanging cut out clovers from the ceiling or taping to the walls. And use clover confetti on the tables.
  • Use a Pot of Gold as centerpieces. Buy pots and put chocolate gold coins in them.
  • Use the green Leprechaun hats as party hats.
  • Use green and white balloons and streamers.  Use green tablecloths as well.
  • Replace normal light bulbs with green bulbs.
  • Make or purchase a balloon rainbow and place at the party entrance.

Party Favors

Provide fun St Patrick's Day party favors such as clove stickers, shamrock tattoos, chocolate gold coins, gold glitter, green headbands for girls and green wristbands for boys.


Irish Step Dancing

A perfect activity for a St. Patrick's Day party is to teach the kids Irish Step Dancing.

  1. Buy or rent an instructional video on Step Dancing to teach the kids.
  2. Give them all a turn to show off their moves.

Treasure Hunt

  1. Set up a treasure hunt with gold coins.
  2. Hide little bags of gold coins around the party area and have the kids hunt for them.

Can You Find the Coin

  1. Sit the children in a circle.
  2. Then select one child to be the leprechaun and have them stand in the middle of the circle.
  3. The leprechaun must cover their eyes while a coin is given to one of the other children which they must hide in their hand.
  4. When the game begins the players in the circle must secretly pass the coin without the leprechaun seeing who has the coin.
  5. When the leprechaun believes he knows who is holding the coin he says "stop" and guesses the name. If he is correct then the player holding the coin becomes the leprechaun. If he guesses incorrectly then the play continues until he guesses correctly. (An alternate way to play - when the leprechaun guesses incorrectly the child who's name was guessed is removed from the circle. This makes it easier for the leprechaun and is an appropriate method to play with young children).


Serve green punch

Cupcakes with green frosting and clover decorations

Cookies with green sprinkles


Chicken nuggets

Fruit (green melons and grapes)

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