Star Wars Party


Star Wars Party Ideas & Decorations

1) For a Star Wars party of course you should decorate with Star Wars themed party supplies such as Star Wars plates, cups, invitations and napkins.

2) Hang Star Wars posters around the party area.

3) Throw a Star Wars Party costume birthday party and tell all your guests to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. Kids love dress up.

4) Play Star Wars theme music in the background during the party.

5) Hang planets or fighter ships from the ceiling. 


Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Fill the goody bags with Star Wars stuff such as novelty cards, stickers, pencils and figures. Also include glow in the dark items such as glow balls, bracelets/necklaces, yo-yos and flashlights.


Party Activities

Star Wars Trivia Game

  1. For older kids test their knowledge of Star Wars with trivia questions and provide prizes for correct answers.
  2. To help ensure that all kids get a prize you can put them into groups and give the entire group a prize for correct answers.

Moon Rocks

  1. Wrap candy and small toys in aluminum foil and hide the treats around the house, yard or in a sand box.
  2. Tell the kids to search the planet for their moon rocks.

Light Sabers Battle

  1. Give light sabers to the kids to play with when they arrive. You can purchase light sabers or make them out of swimming noodles.
  2. Cut the noodles to a child size, then wrap the bottoms in electrical tape to make the handle and wrap the rest of the noodle in aluminum foil.

Make an Alien

  1. Create a craft station and have the kids create aliens.
  2. Give them paper cut out in the shape of alien heads and let them decorate.
  3. Provide glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners, stars and anything else that can be used as decoration. Be sure to have glue available.

Star Wars Dress Up

  1. Provide a few Star Wars dress up outfits and allow the kids to dress up as their favorite characters.

Visit our party games page for additional games and activities.


The usual party food is appropriate such as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pizza and chicken nuggets.

Provide some healthier snacks such as fruit and veggie sticks and call them Light Sabers.

Also, consider sandwiches or cookies cut out into stars. Or fudge made into lumpy balls and call them moon rocks.

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