SpongeBob Party


SpongeBob Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Begin your SpongeBob Party with SpongeBob themed party supplies such as invitations, plates, cups and napkins. Mix coordinating colors with the party supplies such as yellow or blue tablecloths, balloons and streamers.

2) Make SpongeBob's Pineapple House.


  1. Large appliance box. If you don't have one go to your local appliance store and ask for one.
  2. A couple of smaller boxes or pieces of cardboard
  3. Yellow and green paint 


  1. Spray paint the box yellow
  2. spray paint the smaller box green and then cut out pieces to look like the stem of the pineapple
  3. Draw where the door will go then cut out 3 sides so that it opens,
  4. Draw the peel using a black marker (rows of V's).

3) Hang pictures of sea creatures such as starfish, Jellyfish, shells, crabs, fish, etc. on the walls. Create your own pictures or cut out pictures from magazines and create poster boards full of sea creatures. Hang SpongeBob posters as well.

4) Create Bikini Bottom by hanging streamers from the ceiling. Use blue streamers of varying lengths. Hang fish dispersed throughout the streamers from the ceiling as well.

5) Use blue tablecloths and cover them with fishnet. Use seashells and Swedish fish as confetti on the tables.

6) Handout Hawaiian leis or seashell necklaces to all the guests when they arrive.

7) Create a sign that says "Welcome to Bikini Bottom" (SpongeBob's home city) and hang it on the front door. Create signs that say Krusty Crab (where SpongeBob is a cook) and hang in the party area.



Goody Bag Favors - Fill the goody bags with bubbles, Swedish fish, paint kits with sponges. Use beach pails as the goody bag.




  1. Prior to the party use a large appliance box to cut out 4 cardboard surfboards.
  2. Create a craft center and supply items to decorate the surfboards such as glitter, craft gems, buttons, ribbons, markers, glue etc.
  3. Depending on the amount of children and surfboards assign sections of the surfboards to each child to decorate.

Sand Art

  1. This activity is best done outside due to the mess.
  2. Set up a craft station with buckets of colored sand.
  3. Provide empty water bottles with labels removed. Allow the children to fill the water bottles with the colored sand.
  4. Each child gets to take home their creation.

Pass The Sponge

  1. Played like hot potato but use a sponge.
  2. Have the children form a circle and pass a sponge.
  3. Play music (the SpongeBob theme song) and when the music stops the child holding the sponge is out.
  4. Last child wins.

Sponge Toss

  1. Have the kids toss a wet sponge.
  2. Any child that drops the sponge is out. The last child standing wins.

Sponge Bob Freeze Dance

  1. Play a SpongeBob music CD while the kids dance.
  2. Every time the music turns off the kids freeze, the last child to freeze is out.
  3. The last kid standing wins.

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Of course, seafood is a must at a SpongeBob party but kids don't always like seafood so offer some other choices as well. Here are some suggestions:

Fish nuggets or sticks

Fried shrimp

Fish Cakes

French Fries or Tater Tots



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