Space Birthday Party


At some point every child dreams about visiting outer space. They are captivated by space ships, planets and the thought of aliens. A space party is a great party for children of various ages because they all think about outer space in their own way. Whether they are imagining aliens and inter galactic battles like in the movies or interested in space exploration and astronomy.

Space Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Either purchase decorative planets or make your own foam or paper mache planets that you can hang from the ceilings. Making the planets can be a fun activity that will allow the birthday child to help participate in the party planning.

2) Stick glow in the dark stickers to the planets, walls and anything else so you can turn the lights out and see the stars. 

3) Hang stars and rockets form the ceiling and put on the walls.


4) Create or purchase a star chart.

5) Science fiction posters are perfect for this party.

6) Decorate the tables with space rocks. Paint rocks different colors.

7) Have someone dress up as an alien and walk around the party and greet the guests when they arrive.

8) Use space themes balloons and streamers.


9) Cover all serving trays with aluminum foil.

10) Personalized space banner.

Party Favors

Goody Bag ideas - Space ship erasers, toy rocket ships, glow sticks, hi-bounce balls, space stickers.

Party Activities

Alien Masks

  1. Set up a crafts area for the children to decorate their own alien masks.
  2. Provide pre-cut masks and decorating materials.

Pin the Planet on the Galaxy

  1. Create a galaxy and mark on the galaxy where each planet should appear.
  2. Then create each planet to stick onto the galaxy, using double sided tape.
  3. Have each child have a few minutes to memorize the board then blind fold them and have them stick a planet. They have to get it closest to its proper spot.

Rent an Astro Jump

  1. A bounce house is always fun if  you have the space.
  2. Be sure to use a reputable company as you don't want any mishaps.

Play a game of space trivia

  1. Prior to the party write down some questions about space then test this kids!

Pin the Eyes on the Alien

  1. Create an alien and using double sided tape have the children stick the eyes while wearing a blindfold.
  2. The child who comes closest to where the eyes belong wins.

Party Food

Using a rocket shaped  or star shaped cookie cutter to make sandwiches and cookies.

Serve guacamole dip with chips and call it moon dip.

Serve cupcakes with pop rocks on them.


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