Girl Slumber Party Ideas

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Slumber Party Ideas & Decorations

Every girl should have at least one slumber party for her birthday!  This is a special party that is all about girl bonding!  Parents who are throwing a slumber party worry that they'll have crazy kids running around all night, but the secret to a successful slumber party for the child and parents is to have plenty to keep the kids occupied.  But first lets talk about decorations...

Decorating for a slumber party is different than decorating for a more traditional birthday party, because there is LESS to do! Yes, we said less! 

  1. Clear out a large space in your home for the pajama party.  This may require some rearranging of furniture.  In the large space put pillows, throw blankets, sleeping bags and bean bag chairs so the girls can lounge around.   Add a few stuffed animals and dolls for fun.
  2. Have snacks readily available (lots of snacks).  Snacks are a must such as chips, popcorn, candy, ice cream, cake and punch. 
  3. Add some fun elements such as glow in the dark balloons and glow sticks/necklaces.
  4. Hang a banner announcing the birthday girls birthday party and your done.  That's all you really need for decor! The fact that the party is a sleepover keeps the girls excited

Slumber Party Favors

When considering party favors pick some items the girls can use at the party such as flashlight, night light, disposable camera, nail polish, makeup and compact mirror.  You'll need to give the bags out at the beginning of the party so the girls can use the items during the party.  This type of favor bag will serve as an activity and a party favor!   

Crafts & Slumber Party Ideas

Like we said earlier the key to a successful (and sane) slumber party is keeping the kids busy.  We'll start with some fun craft activities and then move on to games. 

Crafts are a great activity for a pajama party. Girls love to do crafts and it can keep everyone busy for an extended period of time. Here are a few slumber party ideas:

Decorate Pillowcases

  1. Provide pillowcases and fabric markers.
  2. Have the kids decorate their own pillowcases.
  3. They cause the pillowcase at the party and take them home.

Top the Pop

  1. Pop plain popcorn.
  2. Provide toppings such as fudge, caramel, cinnamon, sugar, melted butter, season salt and so on.
  3. Have the girls choose toppings and create their own popcorn flavors.

Picture Collage

  1. Provide a wide array of pictures cut out of magazines, books and newspapers.
  2. Give the girls card stock paper, glue, glitter, ribbon and anything else to decorate their collages.
  3. Have the girls create collages with all the items.
  4. For an added touch provide picture frames and have the girls put their collages in frames to take home to hang in their rooms.

Decorate T-Shirts

  1. Provide white t-shirts or tank tops and lots of different style iron on letters.
  2. Let the girls decorate their own t-shirts with fun sayings, their names, etc.
  3. When they're done let mom or dad can do the ironing.


  1. Provide disposable cameras for the girls to use all night to capture candid shots and many memories.

Games & Slumber Party Ideas

Sleeping Beauty

  1. Choose a guest to pretend to be asleep.
  2.  Have the other guests try to wake her (which means make her laugh) by making funny jokes, noises, songs, etc.
  3. If she doesn't laugh during her turn she wins a prize.

Talent Show

  1. Have everyone perform a silly talent.
  2. Select judges and award prizes.

Candy Taste Test

  1. You will need several different kinds of popular candy.
  2. Select a player and blindfold them.  Feed them a candy.
  3. The blindfolded guest has to guess what candy it is.
  4. If they guess correctly they get that candy (fresh candy not the taste test candy).

Who Are You

  1. Select someone to be "It".
  2. "It" must leave the room, then the other girls hide in the sleeping bags but not their own bag.
  3. "It" comes back in the room and chooses a bag to guess is in it.
  4. "It" Is allowed to tickle, roll, etc. each bag in an attempt to get each girl to laugh and give herself away. \
  5. If she guesses correctly the girl in the bag is "It" next.

Freeze Dance

  1. Play music and have the girls dance to the music.
  2. Every time the music stops the girls must freeze.  No laughing or moving until the music turns back on.
  3. The last girl dancing wins a prize.

Silly Face

  1. You will need to provide makeup.
  2. Put the girls in groups of two and have them do a silly makeover on each other (funny faces).
  3. Be sure to have makeup cleanser to clean the products after each use.

And charades is always a fun girls slumber party game.

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Slumber Party Ideas With Food

Snacks (junk food) is the most important thing at a slumber party!  Chips, popcorn, soda, candy, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, donuts and the list could go on.

Pizza is also a staple.  It's easy to grab and continue with the fun.

Healthy choices are always a good idea so if you want to add a few healthy items try fruit skewers or a fruit bowl and veggies with dip.

Adding a few unique snacks can't hurt either.  If you're looking for something a little different have candy apples, a cotton candy machine, chocolate fondue or an icy maker.

The Next Morning

Unlike other parties the kids will still be there in the morning. For an easy breakfast plan on pastries and fruit or waffles and yogurt.  Glam it up a little for fun.  Let the girls watch TV or a favorite movie and before you know it they'll be going home.

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