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Boys Sleepover Party Ideas

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Girls love to have their friend’s sleepover and boys are NO different! Just because they're boys doesn't mean they won't enjoy the excitement of a sleepover and all the antics that go with it. So throw your son a sleepover and watch all the boys have a great party!

Sleepover Party Ideas & Decorations

Decorating for a sleepover party is different than decorating for a more traditional birthday party, because there is LESS TO DO! All you need is to clear out a large space in your home by rearranging furniture. Then provide some pillows and sleeping bags, add a few remote control cars, some Hot Wheels and Legos for fun. 

There should be some decorations but it can be minimal such as:

  • A happy birthday banner for the birthday boy.
  • Glow in the dark balloons and glow sticks
  • Have party snacks readily available such as chips, popcorn, candy and punch.  As a fun element, but not essential, adda  couple of unique snacks such as a cotton candy machine, snowcone maker or fresh popped popcorn.


Goody Bag Ideas - Fill the bags with fun "BOY" items like plastic bugs, dinosaurs, superhero action figures, trading cards or fake tattoos. And don't forget the candy.

Sleepover Party Activities


  1. Set up an indoor campground.
  2. Pitch tents in the house.
  3. Provide S’mores for snacks and tell ghost stories at bedtime.


  1. Play a sport such as flag football or basketball.

Movie Time

  1. Play a popular "boy" movie such as Ironman, Jurassic Park, Batman or Spiderman.
  2. Be sure to have popcorn!

Board Games

  1. Board games are a good idea for the boys.
  2. Try Battleship, Stratego or Pictionary.

Mountain Climbing

  1. Pillow mountain climbing
  2. You'll need a mound of pillows for this one.

Yes, Video Games

  1. If your child has an Xbox or Nintendo then let the kids play a few of their favorite video games.
  2. Make sure everyone gets a turn!


Pizza is a must for sleepover party.  Other good options are chicken nuggets, french fries and as mentioned before snack food is most important!

And don't forget about breakfast...pancakes, waffles, cereal or pastries are all good options.

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