Sesame Street Party Supplies

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street or at least the Sesame Street Party?!?!

Sesame Street is a great party to throw for toddlers. Not only do toddlers relate to these wonderful characters; Sesame Street is an educational show as well. There are ample opportunities to include learning experiences into the party theme.

Sesame Street is a fun party to throw with lots of decorating possibilities. Check these Sesame Street party supplies.

Sesame Street Party Supplies, Ideas & Tips:

1) The Sesame Street Theme provides ample opportunity to include education into your party. Decorate with letters and numbers. Put letters and numbers on your wall (you can write them on construction paper and tape them to the walls). Or hang letters and numbers from the ceiling.

2) Plan activities around the alphabet and counting. Use flashcards and books as games and activities.  Sesame Street does a lot of rhyming so incorporate a rhyming game into the fun.

3) When planning party games take some old-time favorites and tailor them to your theme.  This one of our favorite ways to incorporate games and activities into parties.  For example: If you have a sesame street character on hand then play a game of Simon Says with Elmo or the Cookie Monster being Simon.  Or play a game of "Hot Potato", but call it "Hot Cookie" and use  a chocolate chip cookie as the potato.

4) Incorporate a multitude of colors into the party. Decorate with different colors. Using construction paper cut out splashes of color and tape to the walls.

5) Of course you'll need to incorporate the different Sesame Street characters into the party. Use characters as centerpieces or posters on the walls. You can even have a friend dress up as Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster or whoever your child likes.

6) Party favors are an important part of the party and there are some fun favor's that fit perfectly with a Sesame Street themed party such as, toy rubber ducks, flash cards, coloring books, and blocks.

7) Incorporate the theme into your food choices as well.  Serve chocolate chip cookies with the cake, serve gummy worms as a treat and call them Slimey the Worm.  Lastly, serve a punch that is yellow in color and call it Big Bird's Punch.

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