Safari Party

Safari Party

Safari Party Ideas & Decorations


Try any or all of these ideas for a safari party

  1. Drape green streamers around the room and ceiling.
  2.  Place stuffed animals throughout where the children can play with them.
  3. Add a couple of potted plants (real or fake.
  4. Drape mosquito netting from the ceiling, on the walls or on the chairs.
  5. Use stuffed animals such as monkeys, elephants and giraffes as centerpieces. Or use pith helmets as centerpieces and attach balloons to them. Put out permanent markers and have the guests sign the helmets with birthday wishes.
  6. Use animal crackers as confetti on the tables or put a box of animal crackers at every place setting.
  7. Use safari hats as party hats. Hand out these safari hats to the children when they arrive.

Safari Party


Safari Party Goody bag ideas - animal crackers, gummy worms, animal fruit snacks, small stuffed animal.


Animal Masks

  1. Cut out animal faces and have the kids fill them in.
  2. Prior to the party you will want to make the masks. 
  3. Use cardboard or any heavy paper and cut out the shape of animal faces.
  4. Include an identifying feature so the children know which animal they are creating. For example, include the outline of whiskers for a tiger, an elephant should have a long curling trunk hanging down, a zebra should have stripes outlined on the face and a monkey should have little round ears on the sides of the head. 
  5. Cut out eyes. Use your child to measure how far apart the eyes should be.
  6. Using super glue attach a dowel stick, about 8 inches in length, to the bottom of each face. 
  7. Set up an area for the kids to create and give them crayons, markers and paint (washable) to create their faces. Depending on the age of the children you can also include items they can glue onto the face such as, buttons, glitter, feathers, pipe cleaners, etc. Remember some of these items are a choking hazard for small children so be aware of your age group.

Safari Party Hunt

  1. Before the party begins hide small safari animal toys, such as beanie toys, around the house, yard or party area.
  2. Tell the kids they are on a safari hunt and have them hunt for the toys.
  3.  Whatever they find they get to keep! 

Guess the Animal Noise

  1. Have each child stand up in front of the group and make an animal noise. Have the other children guess which animal it is.
  2. The winner gets a prize to add to their goodie bag.

We also have a party games page with more activities for our readers to choose from.


Serve a tropical fruit salad such as coconut, mangos, kiwi and papaya.

Put large palm leaves (real or fake) on the appetizer trays under the food.

Use animal cookie cutters to bake cookies in the shape of animals. Depending on how artistic you are decorate the cookings with piping to replicate each animal.

Make sandwiches and then tranform them into animals using cookie cutters.

Snake dogs - cut hotdogs into strips and then boil. The hotdogs will curl up like snakes. Serve to the kids with mustard.

Snake fries - Serve curly fries.

Worm ice - put gummy worms in water filled ice trays. Put the gummy worm ice in the kids drinks.

Birthday Cake - Bake a sheet cake and frost it with green frosting. Top it with animal toys. The birthday boy gets the toys after the party.

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