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Princess Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas & Decorations

  • Pink, Pink, Pink and Diamonds! Every princess loves pink and diamonds. Decorate using princess party supplies and add more pink to the Princess decorations using pink tablecloths and pink napkins.
  • Every Princess party needs jewels. Scatter crystals on each table (buy plastic crystals or jewels from a craft store or sewing shop).
  • Balloons are a must for a Princess Party. In keeping with the princess party color scheme use pink and white balloon.  Add purple balloons to make the party really royal.
  • Hand out "magic" wands when the children arrive.
  • Banners are a great addition to any kids party.  Hang a Princess birthday banner.
  • And when it comes time for the Princess to open her presents have her open them on a throne! Pink or purple of course!
  • Every Princess must have her tiara!  Hand out tiara's as party hats when the kids arrive.  For the boys give them crowns.
  • Decorate plastic wine glasses with plastic jewel pieces (from a craft store) to create a royal goblet.


Goody Bag Ideas - Princess paper dolls, princess story or coloring book, crystal/fancy hair accessories, stickers, bubbles, candy bracelets, necklaces or rings. 

Princess Party Ideas & Activities - Princess Party Games

Dress Up

  1. Create an area with princess costumes and let the children play in the clothes.
  2.  Take a Polaroid of each child in an outfit to take home as a memento of the party.

Dragon Design

  1. Set up a craft station and allow the kids to decorate dragons.
  2. Provide dragon cutouts as well as supplies to decorate such as glitter, stickers, pipe cleaner, buttons, markers, crayons and whatever else they can use to decorate fire breathing dragons.

Castle Design

  1. Create a cardboard castle and let the children decorate it with paint, markers and crayons.
  2. Or if you're not into making your own then check out the party sites listed on this page for a pre-made castle.

Story Time

  1. Read a princess story to the children such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Snow White.

Coin Toss

  1. Use gold foil coins and play a game of coin toss.
  2. Whoever tosses the coin the farthest wins a prize.

Beaded Jewelry

  1. Set up a craft station for the children to make jewelry.
  2. Supply beads and string to create beaded bracelets or necklaces.

Find the Royal Treasure

  1. Wrap candy in gold foil and hide it around the party area or in a sand box.
  2. Tell the kids to find the royal treasure.
  3. They get to keep all the candy they find!

Wand Kit

  1. Entertain the children by making balloon wands.


  1. Pinatas are always fun for the kids.

Visit our Kids Party Games page.

Princess Party Ideas for Kids Party Food

Serve finger sandwiches

Cocktail franks

Sparkling Cider

Multi colored cupcakes with sprinkles

Candy Apples (call them poison apples)

Fruit "Wand" Kabobs

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