Pirate Party Games & Party Products

Ahoy Matey! Chances are at some point your little one (boy or girl) is going to ask for a pirate birthday party. Kids find pirates fascinating and exciting! When the time comes to throw a kids pirate party be thankful because this is an easy party to plan.

There are an abundance of pirate party products to choose from so decorating is fun and easy! Take a look at the 100's of party items we have below!

Pirate Party Games, Ideas & Tips:

1) The color scheme for a pirate can range anywhere from black, gold, red or yellow.

2) Use chocolate candy coins as confetti on tables and serving trays.

3) If you are not opposed to a costume party have the kids dress up as pirates for the birthday party. Kids love to dress up and a pirate costume is easy for the parents to pull together.

4) Be sure to have a scavenger hunt. Hide chocolate coins or small toys around the party area and then have the kids find them. Tell the kids they are on a treasure hunt.

5) Another fun activity is to purchase (or make by using an old trunk) a treasure chest. Using small balls or bean bags have the children toss the balls or bags into the treasure chest from a distance. Whoever gets it in wins a prize.

6) Hang pirate flags around the party area to add to your theme.

7) Hand out bandanas and eye patches instead of the traditional cone birthday hat when the kids arrive.

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