Party Planning Mistakes

Party Planning Mistakes To Avoid

1) Don't Invite To Many Children

This is a common party planning mistake. You may want to invite every child in the neighborhood, but when they all show up at your house it can spell disaster. Yes, your intentions are good, but the results will be chaos. We all know children are a bundle of activity so add excitement of a party and a sugar high and you have a recipe for disaster. A great gauge is to invite the same number of children as the age of your child. Or if you have adult helpers then no more than 3 kids per helper.

2) Do Not Decorate Last Minute

To often parents wait until the day of the birthday party to hang the decorations and find that their vision isn't shining through. You may have this wonderful theme, purchased and created some amazing decorations but once their hung its clear that its "too little too late". Which is a shame since you've been planning the party for 2 months (not that anyone can tell from the decorations). In other words, you may need to buy more decorations, revamp or whatever; if you don't give yourself extra time you can't make any changes. And even if your decorations are as fabulous as you imagined, decorating can take a lot longer than we anticipate. Avoid being stressed out before the kids even arrive by decorating in advance. If you can decorate the day before or even better 2 days before you should.

3) Do Not Wait To Do Prep Work That Can Be Done In Advance

A kids party is not the time to channel the gourmet chef in you. With that said, you still need to feed the little rug rats. Keep the food simple and easy and prepare anything that won't spoil in advance. You don't want to prepare sandwiches that can get soggy in advance, but you can prepare a chicken salad in advance then put it on the bread the day of. Or wrap the pigs in a blanket the night before then cook them the day of the party. Be simple with your food and do as much prep work as you can a day or two before the party.

4) The Invitation Is Not The Time to Be Vague

Be clear on your invitation. Invitations should state who, what and where. Be sure to put an RSVP date and phone number as well. The invitation is the time to add any special instructions such as attire, entertainment that may need permission, etc.

5) To Little To Do

The sign of a party without enough activities looks similar to caged animals running wild. Lots of kids in an enclosed space running wild. Just the idea of a party gets kids over stimulated. If you don't have activities for them to do they will still get out that extra energy, it just might not be constructive. To avoid the mayhem plan enough activities and then plan a few extra. Some activities may not be as big of a hit as you thought and therefore the kids may finish up quicker than expected so don't get caught off guard plan EXTRA!

6) To Many Adults

Yes, adults love parties too. And often they don't care if the guest of honor is 3 or 4 decades younger than them. If you choose to have adults at the party along with the kids don't let the adults take over. If the adults are not helpers at the party then keep them out of the way. The kids should not be stumbling over adults. Coral the adults in one area and let the kids have the roam of the party.

7) Kid Proof

Kid proofing is a necessity. Protect the kids by doing a walk through of the party area and removing anything that could pose a potential danger. Put breakables out of reach, cover outlet sockets and put up stairway gates if the children are toddlers, avoid foods that can cause food allergies such as nuts. Be sure to look for any potential hazards prior to the party.

8) Back Up Plan

A common party planning mistake is not having a back up plan. If you're planning an outdoor party, have an indoor plan in case mother nature doesn't cooperate. If you're having live entertainment confirm a week in advance. Plan extra activities in case the entertainment falls through or you run through your planned activities faster than expected.

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