Outdoor Party Games

We all know that kids love playing outside so why not throw their birthday celebration outdoors! Check out these great outdoor party games.

Name-It Ball

1) Have the children form a circle.

2) Give one child a rubber ball. That child selects a category, such as "cereal."

3) The child then bounces the ball to another player in the circle, who must catch the ball, state an item from the category, such as "Frosted Flakes," and keep the ball moving to the next player. If the player can't name an item, holds the ball too long, or repeats an item, he or she is out.

Sprinkler Mania

1) Set up a few rotating sprinklers in between a starting line and a finish line.

2) Have the children try to run from one end to the other without getting sprayed.

Bonker Bowling

1) Line up fun and crazy items that can be knocked over by a ball, such as milk cartons, cereal boxes, candle sticks and empty cans.

2) Line them up like bowling pins and let the bowlers try to knock them over with tennis balls.

Don't Drop the Egg

1) Divide the children into teams of 2.

2) Have the childern in each team tie one leg to their teammate's leg (like a 3 legged race).

3) Give each child a spoon and have them balance an egg on the spoon.

4) Have all the teams race to a predetermined point. The first team to reach the finish line without dropping or breaking their egg wins.

Note: If you don't want the mess of a broken egg plastic eggs work just as well.

Balloon Stomp

1) For this Kids Party Game attach a 3 foot piece of string/ribbon to a balloon and attach the other end to a party guests ankle.

2) Do the same to each child.

3) The object is for the children to pop each others balloon by stomping on them while protecting their own balloon.

4) The last child with an inflated balloon is the winner.

Get The Ball

1) Begin the game with 2 children each standing on an opposing goal line.

2) At "Go," each child tries to either grab the ball and run back to the line without being tagged or to tag the grabber. Either action scores a point. The game ends at an agreed-upon number of points.

3) Another way to play is in teams. Play the game using the above rules but you will need more balls.

Marble Balls

1) You will need alot of balls. You can use different types of balls such as soccer, beach, tennis, volleyball, etc. Make a large circle with rope on grass or chalk on blacktop. Put all the balls in the circle.

2) Have the children take turns using a ball as the shooter just like in marbles. Use a heavier ball such as a soccer ball. Standing 10-12 feet away, players take turns rolling the ball at the pile trying to knock as many balls as they can outside the circle without the shooter's ball going outside the circle. If a player knocks out any balls (without their ball going out), he keeps them and gets to go again. When the circle is empty, the player with the most balls wins.

TV Tag

1) Select one child as the tagger.

2) The tagger has to try to tag the other children. When a child is tagged the tagger calls out a TV show name. The tagged child must recite back all the TV shows the tagger called out.

3) If the child is unable to call out all the TV shows then he is out.

Hula Hoop Toss

1) For this outdoor party game have the kids throw a football or nerf ball through a hula hoop from a predetermined distance.

Treasure Hunt

1) Prior to the party hide objects around the party area.

2) Have the kids try to find the objects.

3) Whatever they find they get to keep.

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