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Nascar Party

Nascar Party Ideas & Decorations

  • Begin decorating with Nascar themed party supplies.
  • Use the black and white checkered flag as inspiration throughout the party.  Use checkered tablecloths, black and white streamers and balloons and hang checkered pennant flags on the walls.
  • Another idea for tablecloths is to use white butcher paper on the tables and draw roads on it. Leave Hot Wheels cars on the table for the kids to drive them on the road.
  • Another great touch for a Nascar Birthday Party is to decorate with posters of the birthday boys favorite race cars and Nascar drivers. But of course, don't forget the animated kind such as Lightening McQueen!
  • Use toy cars as centerpieces and tie black and white balloons to them.Tie black and white balloons to old tires and use as decoration in front of the house or along the pathway
  • Using cardboard or poster board create road and racing signs such as a stop sign, yield sign, speed limit (can be the birthday child's age) or personalize the signs with happy birthday, party here. Attach some of the signs to stakes and put them in the yard.
  • Using butcher paper create a road leading to the party area.

Nascar Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Matchbox cars, race car posters, coloring books with racing cars, whistles, flags.

Nascar Birthday Party Activities

Racing Cars

  1. You will need 2 remote control cars (if you have to buy the cars they can serve as another gift for the birthday boy or you can raffle them at the end of the party).
  2. Create an obstacle course for the cars by putting items in the cars path to maneuver around.
  3. Have 2 children compete racing the cars.
  4. The car that navigates the course the fastest while completing all the obstacles wins a prize.

Tread Maker

  1. Provide the children with cars, paper and washable paint.
  2. Have the children dip their car's tires in the paint and roll them on the paper to see the tires tread marks.
  3. They can trade cars and make different designs on their paper.
  4. The kids can take their artwork home after the party.

License plates

  1. Provide poster board the size of license plates and have the kids decorate them.
  2. Provide markers, paint, glitter, beads, glue, etc.
  3. Tell the children to pick a state and a snappy name for their customized license plate.

Gift Truck

  1. Fill the back of a dump truck with small gifts.
  2. Play music and have the kids pass the dump truck. When the music stops the child holding the dump truck gets to pick a gift.
  3. Make sure you have enough gifts for all the children.

Tire Roll

  1. Divide the children into 2 teams.
  2. Give each team a tire. Have a child from each team roll the tire to a determined point and back then pass the tire to the next child.
  3. Which ever team has all the children roll the tire first wins.

Flag Fun

  1. Prior to the party create 3 flags using dowels and cloth. You will need a red, yellow and green flag.
  2. Use the flags to direct the children from 1 location to the next.
  3. The green flag means run, the yellow flag means go slow and the red flag means stop.
  4. Whoever gets to the location first wins.

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Nascar Party Food

Use white and black wicker baskets or bowls to set out party snacks such as chips, pretzels and candy.


  1. Make red, yellow and green jello. Line them up in order of a stoplight.
  2. Or, put red yellow and green M&Ms on graham crackers using frosting to adhere the M&Ms. Or in rice Krispie Treats.

Normal party food is always a hit at Nascar parties such as pizza, sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

Nascar Birthday Party Cake

Race Track Cake

Take to round cakes and frost them with green frosting. Then crumble Oreos and sprinkle on the top to make the track. Use white piping to add the white stripes in the road. Decorate with plastic cars.

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