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Little Einstein Party

Little Einstein Party Ideas & Decorations

Little Einstein was designed to provide toddlers with an appreciation for art and classical music. The show is centered around adventures and interactive participation. The premise for the show gives us a great theme for a Little Einstein Party!

  • Hang photographs of great works of art around the party area. You can print pictures of paintings off the internet (color prints would be best) or cut out pictures from art books and magazines. Try a used bookstore for old (inexpensive) books with great pictures.
  • Hang pictures of instruments and musical notes (again off the internet, from books and magazines) or hang posters of instruments.
  • Hang pictures of monuments from around the world (yes, again off the internet, from books or magazines).
  • Also, decorate with Little Einstein party supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, invitations and tablecloths.
  • Balloon bouquets are always a must. Choose red and yellow balloons. Decorate with streamers around the room.


When creating your own invitation for a Little Einstein Party use bright red card stock. Cut the paper in the shape of the Little Einstein rocket ship (or glue a picture of the Little Einstein rocket ship). On the outside write "We've Got a Mission!" on the inside write "We're going on a trip with our favorite rocket ship to celebrate "insert child's name" birthday!"

Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Use bright red favor bags; add Little Einstein stickers, bubbles, Play Doh, rocket ship shaped pencil erasers.

Party Activities

Let's Dance

  1. Play classical music and section off an area for the kids to dance and let loose!

Dress Up

  1. Have items from each character available for the guests and let each child pick which character they want to be.
  2. For example, big glasses and conductor wands for Leo, toy instruments and baseball hats for Quincy, ballet shoes for June and toy microphones for Annie.

Musical Rockets

  1. Play musical rockets just as you would play musical chairs, but with classical music.
  2. For an added touch you can tape pictures of the characters and rocket on the chairs.

Movie Time

  1. Play an episode of Little Einstein.
  2. Serve snacks like you would at a movie such as popcorn, the big boxes of candy and soda.
  3. For an added treat buy a cotton candy maker and serve cotton candy or make candy apples.

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Party Food

The usual party food will do such as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pizza and chicken nuggets. Also offer healthier snacks such as fruit and veggie sticks.

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