Kids Super Bowl Party

Kids Super Bowl Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Begin with football themed party supplies such as invitations, plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths.

2) A kids super bowl party has to have pennants of the team your supporting on the walls.

3) Your color scheme should match the colors of your team.

4) On the invitation tell the kids to wear their favorite football jerseys.

Kids Party Favors

Goody Bag Favors - Anything football, nerf footballs, football stickers, football candy, referee whistles, etc.

Party Activities

A kids super bowl party can have activities that don't interrupt watching the game. The best way to do this is to play quick games during the commercial breaks.

Hot Football in Reverse

  1. Take a football or Nerf ball and play hot potato but in reverse since you have limited time before the game comes back on.
  2. How it works is you have the kids pass the football while the commercials play.
  3. When the commercials end whoever has the football wins.

Tap Football 

  1. Prior to the party take a brown balloon and draw the laces and lines on it that are on a real football.
  2. Tell the kids they have to keep the football off the ground by tapping it.
  3. If they work as a team and keep it off the ground through the commercial break they all get a prize for good team work.

Whose Player

  1. Give the kids a sheet of paper with all the players names.
  2. They have to determine which players are on which team.
  3. The most correct answers wins.

Whose Number

  1. Give the kids a sheet of paper that randomly lists the players names in one column and the players numbers in another column.
  2. Match the players to the numbers.

Face Paint

  1. Before the game starts paint the kids faces to reflect which team they are rooting for.
  2. Or paint their face like a football player. Be sure to get their parents permission prior to using face paint (you can mention it on the invite).

Wii tournament

  1. Set up a Wii console in a separate room with a football video game.
  2. The kids can play in their own Super bowl as they have a football Wii tournament.
  3. This is a great activity for some of the kids who are not interested in actually watching the entire game.

Football Posters 

  1. Set up a crafts station and have the kids make their own posters to support their team.
  2. Provide glue, glitter, markers, stickers and stencils.
  3. This is another great activity for those who aren't interested in the game.

Movie Time

  1. In a separate room play a kids movie for those bored with the game.
  2. A football themed movie would be best such as Air Bud, Angels in the Outfield or Angels in the Endzone, The Game Plan or Little Giants.

Kids Football Party Food

Chips and dip

Hamburgers, hot dogs and subs

Cookies cut out in football shapes

Football cupcakes - Make cupcakes with green frosting and decorate them with flag food picks and candy footballs

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