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Kids Pirate Party

Pirate Party Ideas & Decorations

Ideas for a jolly good kids pirate party!

  • For tablecothes - use black tablecloths and lay fish nets over the tablecloths.
  • Your centerpiece can be as simple as a pirate hat with balloons.
  • Decorate the party area with black and silver and gold balloons.
  • Scatter gold chocolate coins and plastic jewels on the tables.
  • Hang pirate flags on the walls.
  • If you have any old trunks use them as decoration at your Pirate Party. Put them in the party area and hang plastic jewelry out of them and call it stolen treasure. Or purchase a treasurer chest for the party.
  • String rope and fishing nets across the ceiling and around the party area.
  • Hang up a few skeletons on the wall or from the ceiling.
  • Give each child a pirate bandana & eye patch when they arrive.

Pirate Party Games & Activities

Pirate Birthday Party Treasure Hunt

  1. Purchase small plastic jewelry boxes (call them treasure chests).
  2. Put a toy or candy inside then hide them around the party area.
  3. Tell the kids they are on a treasure hunt for a treasure chest and have them search for the chests.

Pirate Party Treasure Toss

  1. Buy a treasure chest or make one out of boxes or a Styrofoam cooler.
  2. Have the kids toss bean bags into the treasure chest from a designated point.
  3. After each round move the point further from the chest.

Walk the Plank 

  1. Secure a wood plank across a toy pool.
  2. Have the children walk across the plank.
  3. As each child reaches the end give them a treat.
  4. For added fun put plastic alligators or sharks in the pool.

Cannon Ball Pop

  1. You will need black balloons and prizes.
  2. In some of the balloons put a small note stating a prize.
  3. Blow the balloons up and put them around the party area.
  4. Then tell the children some of the balloons contain a note to a prize and the children must pop the balloons to find the ones with prizes.


  1. Create a crafts station and allow the kids to bead jewelry.
  2. Provide all the supplies for beading such as string and beads.

Treasure Collage

  1. Provide pictures of treasure (cut out pictures from magazines of jewelry, coins, fish, etc.) and have the kids make treasure collages.
  2. Provide stock paper and glue or tape to make the collages.

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Kids Pirate Party Food

  • Goldfish crackers.
  • Hotdog Ships - spear a food pick through a small piece of paper and stick it in the hotdog.
  • Octopus Hotdogs - split a hotdog into several pieces leaving it still connected at the top by about an inch. Then boil the hotdogs. They will look like octopus tentacles after boiled.
  • Fried fish
  • Chicken nuggets - call them gold nuggets
  • Curly Fries - call them worms (fish bait)

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