Top Ten Kids Party Themes AND More!

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We've compiled several "Top Ten" lists of various kids party themes & items for our readers.  So if you were wondering what are the most popular party themes, party favors, party food or party gifts, then these are the lists for you. We are putting your curiosity to rest with our "Top Ten Lists"!

We compiled our lists using criteria in a few different ways:

Buying Trends - we looked at what people are buying today. What is the current fad or trend.

Unique Items - we looked at items that may not be a trend, but are popular. These may be more obscure items but popular at the moment (and interesting to us!).

Tried but True - we looked at items that have been around for a long time and continue to be in demand.

Parents - we looked at what our party planning clients like and are asking for at their parties.

Of course everything is subjective, but these lists represent what we think is popular, trendy, fashionable and fun!

Take a look! These lists are ever changing as creative party theme ideas change so check back often!

Here they are the Top Ten Lists. Check them out to get creative kids party theme ideas, party theme supplies, tips and inspiration!

Top 10 List of Party Favors
Top 10 List of Birthday Party Themes
Top 10 List of Party Tips
Top 10 List of Birthday Gifts

Find below our Featured Trends! This list changes as trends change so check back often!

Cupcake Boom

Cupcakes are the latest food trend (that by the way we hope is here to stay)! And now cupcakes are a big party trend too!  The cupcake is now a party theme and there are tons of cupcake party items to purchase.  Check out our Cupcake Party page for great party ideas.

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are popping up everywhere.  Who doesn't love cake on a stick!  Cake Pops are a fun restaurant favorite and cake pops are just as fun and popular at parties. For those who don't know a cake pop is cake balls on a stick. If you can imagine the flavor you can make it into a cake pop. Kids and parents alike love them! 

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