Kids Party Invitations

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Invitation Options

Options for kids party invitations are endless. Invitations can be purchased in any number of themes, you can create your own or download printable invitations on-line. Invitations can be personalized with photos, your child's name or just about anything you want.

You may think purchasing kids birthday party invitations is the easiest option, but the numerous choices make the task more difficult. To help narrow down the choices before deciding on a kids party invitation, decide on the theme. Your invitation is the window to your party. It tells your guests what to expect. A formal invitation leads guest to believe you are having a more formal party; a fill-in the blank invitation leads guests to believe the party is more casual. The theme will help you decide what impression you want to give your guests.

Choose A Theme

For a kids party typically using a theme based around your child's interests works best. If your child is interested in cars base your theme around cars and have your invitation represent this theme or if your child is into Power Rangers your theme would be Power Rangers and so would your invitation. There are tons of invitations that cover the gamut of children's interests, therefore the likelihood that your child's interest will not having a corresponding invitation is small.  But, if that happens you can always create your own.

Creating Your Own

Speaking of creating your own invitations, whether your theme has 1000 or 0 invitations to match, you may still want to create your own. Many of us are creative and appreciate any opportunity to express our talents. If you are mailing your invitations then you are limited to a reasonable size and shape that can go through the mail, but if you are hand-delivering invitations or your child is passing them out in class the possibilities are limitless. Some fun ideas would be a Hot Wheels car enclosed with a Cars Party invitation. Or a note in a bottle for a Pirate Party invitation.

To help make creating your own invite a little easier we've put together this page on Invitation Wording Samples for our readers.

When To Send

With parent's hectic schedules and kids being booked weeks in advance with play dates and scheduled activities, give guests at least 4 weeks notice prior to the party. This gives parents time to "save the date" in their calendars, RSVP and shop for a gift. As the host, receiving RSVP's within enough time to shop for party supplies is important. Having an accurate head count allows you to shop for your party supplies efficiently. You'll know how big the cake should be, how many favors to purchase, cups, plates and so on.

Kids Party Invitations - What To Include

  1. Although kids party invitations can be fun and creative every invitation should relay basic information. Include - date, time (start and end time), location, birthday child's age, where to RSVP, party type (birthday party, holiday party, pool party, etc.) and include a map for hard to find locations.
  2. Include any special requests. For example, if you're throwing a costume party note that on the invitation or if it's a slumber party list the items each child should bring (toothbrush, sleeping bag, pajamas
  3. If the drop off or pick up times need to be exact then you should note that on the invitation. This is important when you are throwing a party that requires all the children to be assembled at a specific time. For example, if the party is taking place on a boat that will depart the dock or a train that will leave the station at a specific time.
  4. If you can not accommodate siblings of invited guests you should either note this on the invitation or discuss it when parents RSVP. It is inevitable that at least one if not more parents will bring a sibling. If the sibling is a lot younger or older than the invited guests it can sometimes be a problem. Much younger children need extra attention and older children can dominate the party when all the other kids are younger.
  5. If you specifically want parents to stay for the party then you should either note this on the invitation or discuss it when parents RSVP.

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