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Your Kids Party Ideas

Mystery Party submitted by Shari from Greer, SC

Our oldest grandson loves thriller and mystery books, so I came up with the idea of giving him a mystery party. I do not like the idea of exposing them to violence so we used a robbery instead of a murder as the focal point.

We made a map with instructions as to where the next clue could be found and hid the clues all over our house and yard. Then we gave the birthday boy the map and sent them on their way. It was great fun watching them decipher the clues and reach their conclusions as to where the stolen loot was hidden.

When they found the cache they were rewarded by the Insurance agents, AKA Grandpa and Grandma, with their choices of detective devices. These were added to a goody bag that already contained some tattoos, candy, and a few other small items.

The children all had a good time and the 2 1/2 hours that we had allowed for the party simply flew by.

- Shari, it sounds like a great party! You followed the most important rule; find a theme and follow it through. Great job! Thanks for sharing your kids birthday party ideas, from Clever Kids Party!

Candy Land Party submitted by Karyn from Wilkes-Barre, PA

Our 3 year old daughter is obsessed with the Candy Land game so when it came time to throw her a party Candy Land seemed to be the appropriate theme.

Just thought I'd share a couple of ideas that went over big at our party.

For invites, I used Candy Cane invitations that I made. Easy to make on the computer!

The party was mostly outside so I decorated with lawn candy cane decorations (the kind you see at Christmas time). I also made candy garland (similar to popcorn garland). I used life savers, gummy bears, jelly beans, gumdrops, etc. and strung them using string and needle. I hung the candy garland on all the chairs and stair railings.

I also used the Candy Land board game as a center piece on the tables I took the board out of the games and layed them on the table. I then raffled the board games off at the end of the party. I had a jar filled with gumdrops and had all the children guessed the number of gumdrops. The kids that came the closest won the Candy Land board games.

As an additional centerpiece for the tables I made gumdrop trees. Using gumdrops and toothpicks to fashion a tree.

For a fun activity we made candy jewelery. Kids had a blast and it fit the theme.

I served gingerbread shaped pizza and cookies. The parents that attended kept commenting on how many great ideas and little touches I incorporated into the party.

All in all my little girl had a great time! And if she is happy I'm happy!

- Karyn, these are some great kids party theme ideas. Sounds like you had a great party with a fun theme! Thanks for sharing your kids party ideas, from Clever Kids Party!

Alice in Wonderland "Unbirthday" Party submitted by Erica Stone of Brisbane Australia

My daughter Laura is the "luckiest girl in the world". Or so she keeps telling me, after her 11th birthday party, held on Sunday the 15th of November, 2010.

She is mildly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (in every incarnation - animated and Tim Burton alike), so we decided to put on a small tea-party for her and a small group of close friends. You can bet that it was the talk of the class the next day!

Ribbon chandelier with a selection of blue and white lanterns waved gently in the breeze. White/covered chairs tied with blue sashes (with exception of Mad Hatter and Red Queen's chairs - tied with brown silk sashes). A mixture of scattered cushions were provided for non-padded chairs. Red and white feather butterflies dotted with red and white spotted mushrooms adorned the chairs.

A splash of Laura's favourite colour accented the table. Lavender feather butterflies were hot-glued onto wires, and placed into flower arrangement with red and white spotted mushrooms. Lavender felt candle-holders also gave a lovely splash of colour. White lace trimmed with red heart ribbon, lined the table.

Red "jelly shots" with blue/red heart motif on "Drink Me" labels were set out for the guests as were Ribbon sandwiches with blue/red heart motif on "Eat Me" labels.

A selection of "Alice in Wonderland" inspired games were played including Croquet, Mad Tea Cups, 52 Pick-up and Card Toss. The birthday girl is pictured here with the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter.

A variety of drinks were served including Red Queen lemonade and Mad Hatter iced tea. There was also a red and blue themed dessert table complete with ribbon chandelier, flag bunting, cupcakes, assorted candy, cake pops and red heart cookies! Guests were able to take home leftover candy in their very own candy bag at the end.

- Erica, sounds like an outstanding Alice in Wonderland party. Great kids party ideas! You've inspired us to include an Alice in Wonderland party page on this site, so keep on the look out for it! Thanks for sharing your kids party ideas, from Clever Kids Party!

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