Kids Party Crafts

Kids party crafts are an excellent activity for a kids party. Kids love to be creative and are proud to create artwork. Not only is this a fun activity, but birthday party crafts typically take up a good chunk of your party time. And remember your main goal at any kids party is to keep the kids busy!

Keep these few simple tips in mind when doing kids party crafts.

  1. Let the kids do their own work. What you may think is a mess, may be a masterpiece to a child. You may not understand everything they create, but if the kids are proud of their work that's all that matters.
  2. Be encouraging. As long as they are following the process the end product is irrelevant. Following directions is an important skill but coloring in the lines is not so important at a party.
  3. Instead of asking what is it ask the child to tell you about it.
  4. Remember to put plastic down for easy cleanup and if you have a lot of hands to wash pass around a bucket of water which is quicker than bathroom time for each child.

Kids Party Crafts

Chocolate Paint

  1. Create artwork using chocolate as finger paint.
  2. Use milk and white chocolate.
  3. To make multiple colors dye the white chocolate into a variety of colors using food coloring.

Candy Necklaces & Bracelets

  1. make candy necklaces and bracelets.
  2. For necklaces provide string for the necklaces along with any candy that has a hole through it such as lifesavers.
  3. For the bracelets provide licorice in different colors.  Make bracelets by braiding the licorice.

Personal Trading Cards

  1. Take Polaroids of each child.
  2. Set up a crafts station and have the kids create trading cards using their photo.
  3. Provide card stock.  Have the children paste their pictures to the card stock and create their own stats. Just like a real baseball card.

Envelope Animal

  1. This is a great craft for any animal party such as a safari, farm animal or jungle party.
  2. You will need sealed envelopes.  Also any items to decorate such as markers, pipe cleaners, buttons.
  3. Cut out felt ears and anything else to make animals. Using the backside of the envelopes have the kids create animal faces using the supplies.
Toilet Paper Bracelets
  1. Girls love jewelry so why not create your own! \
  2. You will need toilet paper rolls, construction paper, stick-on gems, sequins, glitter, scissors, buttons, glue and markers. 
  3. Glue the construction paper to the toilet paper rolls, then cut the rolls in half or thirds depending on how wide you want the bracelets.
  4. Cut a slit in each roll to enable the kids to wear the bracelets,
  5. Have the children decorate the bracelets with the supplies.
  6. Note, if you have boys doing this craft have them make superhero cuffs.

Headband Fun

  1. Make decorative headbands!
  2. You'll need plastic headbands, decorative items such as bows, ribbon, sequin, buttons and hot glue.
  3. Have the kids map out how they want their headbands to look and then have an adult glue the items on.

Big Banner Kids Party Craft

  1. Create a birthday banner!
  2. You'll need large poster board, markers, glitter and anything else you can decorate with (feathers, ribbon, stickers).
  3. Have each child decorate, draw on and sign the poster board to create a giant birthday banner or card.

Favor Bags

  1. Have the kids make their own favor bags!
  2. You'll need paper bags, markers, stickers, glitter and anything else to decorate with.
  3. Have the kids decorate their bags.

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