5 Essential Kids Party Ideas for Ages 1 to 10

Kids Party

Planning a kids party is about having great ideas. We've put together a list of 5 party tips for parties for kids turning 1 to 10.

Although we chose an age range from 1 to 10 many of these ideas will work for all ages. 

Be sure to read this list of 5 helpful tips for each age.

1st Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 1 - 1st Birthday Theme, Abby Cadabby Party, Little Einstein

Tip 2 - 1 year olds love bubbles.  Rent a bubble machine instead of live entertainment which typically scares babies anyway.

Tip 3 - Keep the party short. 1 1/2 - 2 hours is the max.

Tip 4 - Don't bother with games for 1 year olds.  They aren't capable of organized games but the adults are.  Have a couple of games for the grown ups and have everyone laughing. Take a look at our 1st Birthday Party Page for a few ideas on adult games.

Tip 5 - Of course you will take plenty of pictures of your child and guests but don't forget to take pictures of the decorations and cake. Take pictures of your handiwork before the party starts.

2nd Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 2 - Yo Gabba Gabba, Cupcake Party, Circus, Unicorn Party

Tip 2 - Music and lots of it.  Kids love music at this age. Play music that they will recognize such as Hot Diggity Dog from the Mickey Mouse Club, the theme music to Little Einstein any Sesame Street song and watch the kids dance!

Tip 3 - Keep the party short. 2 hours is the max.

Tip 4 - Plan the party around your child's temperament. If your child is a bit shy then invite a few familiar relatives and keep it simple. If your child is a party animal and loves attention then invite as many friends and family as you like.

Tip 5 - Play simple games like Simon Says, Ring Around the Rosie and duck duck goose.  You only need a few games as the children's attention span is short at this age.

3rd Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 3 - Disney Cars, Hotwheels, Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego

Tip 2 - Get your child involved in the planning. Let your child pick the theme, or help decorate. At this age children love to be helpful and your child will be so proud to help put together their own party.

Tip 3 - Get the timing right - An early to mid afternoon party is fine. By late afternoon the tots are usually getting cranky.

Tip 4 - Entertainer - At this age you can consider live entertainment. Some good choices are a puppet show, magician, balloon modeling or a face painter.  Clowns are tricky as alot of little kids are frightened by them.  If you choose a clown be sure it is a clown with a friendly face.

Tip 5 -  Kids love to dress up at this age. Especially as their favorite characters.  Provide an area with some old costumes the tots can play in preferably of characters they'll recognize.

4th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 4 - Dinousaurs, Firefighter, Princess, Mickey Mouse Club, Madagascar

Tip 2 - Plan in Advance - Today's children have busy schedules. Between the various classes and play dates some kids are booked weeks in advance. Therefore be sure to give the parents of your child's closest friends the date of the party well in advance.

Tip 3 - Arts and Crafts - At this age kids are able to take direction and participate in craft projects.  A fun idea at this age is to have an Art Show! Provide an area with craft supplies such as stickers, glitter, crayons, markers (washable), paint (washable), glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners and anything else they can use to create a masterpiece. Hang their artwork and have an art judging. Award a prize to each child for something unique pertaining to their art such as best use of color, best drawing of a tree, best at staying in the lines and so on.

Tip 4 - Kids love parades and what could be more fun than participating in their own parade. Have the kids form their own parade by providing musical instruments (drums, maracas, bells, etc.) and streamers. Have the kids march around the party area singing popular songs or the birthday song!

Tip 5 - Keep them busy!  Kids at this age (actually any age) have lots of energy. Be sure to have enough activities planned to keep them busy.

5th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 5 - Wizard of Oz Party Supplies, Craft Party, Pirate Party, Toy Story, Scooby Doo

Tip 2 - Your child has started school so now you have the privilege of throwing two parties!  Let your child pick separate themes for each party.  You don't have to coordinate the school party theme with the out of school party.  Since the school party is small usually just cupcakes and a goody bag it makes having a separate theme easier.

Tip 3 -  For a school party be mindful of kids with allergies.  You don't want any classmates not able to eat the treats you provide.  Many schools are starting to only allow store bought food items with the ingredients listed so be sure to ask your school's policy.  All you'll need for a class party is a treat such as donuts or cupcakes and pass out a small goody bag for each child containing candy and a small toy.

Tip 4 - Have lots of activities. Kids have a lot of energy at this age so keep them busy. Visit our Party Games page for over 30 activties.

Tip 5 - Make sure you get your child's input when it comes to planning the party. At this age your child will be thrilled to see their ideas incorporated into the party.

6th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 6 - Gymnastics, Karate, Cheer Party, Nascar, Star Wars

Tip 2 - At this age you may want to consider an all boy or all girl kids party. After the age of 5 girls usually want to do different activities from boys. It's not necessary to have a gender specific party but it can make the planning a bit easier.

Tip 3 - At this age you can consider having a party at a kids birthday party location or other fun destination. Kids love parties at fun locales like indoor playgrounds, gymnastics studio, karate studio or children's museum.

Tip 4 - If you're having a kids party at home and the weather permits consider a party rental such as a bounce house or ball pit. Kids at this age can spend hours bouncing or playing in a ball pit.

Tip 5 - Party games are of course a must try a treasure hunt, hot potato, musical chairs or a relay race.

7th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 7 - Slumber Party, Spiderman, Batman, Superman Tip 2 -

A 7th birthday party seems to mark a milestone in maturity for kids; they can no longer be looked at as babies. So, if you're going to have a big celebration this is the birthday to do it. Prior to 7 they are too young to truly appreciate it, but this year they will.

Tip 3 - Consider having a girls slumber party. Provide activities such as makeovers, doing their nails or Barbie playtime. Allow them to eat junk food and watch a movie.

Tip 4 - For the boys consider having a superhero party. Have the guests dress up as their favorite superhero and provide activities based around Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc.

Tip 5 - Party rentals are always a hit such as the bounce house, ball pit, pony rental or a mini put put course.

8th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 8 - Bowling Party, Baseball Party, Barbie Party, Skateboard, Soccer Party, Basketball Party Tip 2 -

This is the only age you can plan a figure eight party! Make a figure eight cake - Take 2 round cakes and cut the center out using a glass (slightly frozen cakes work best). Put the 2 cakes together to form a figure eight. Have the party at a skating rink where the kids can practice figure eight skating.

Tip 3 - A destination party is a good idea at this age. Also planning a party away from home is much easier as the facility takes on the brunt of the planning...and there's no cleanup for you!  Consider American Girl, Dave and Busters or Bowling.

Tip 4 - Throw a craft party. Provide all sorts of crafts for the kids to do it can be as simple as building with clay, Legos or painting to jewelry making and model building. Have several different activities, so the kids can move around from station to station. This will keep things exciting and eliminate boredom. Be sure to have help with supervision, it can get hectic.

Tip 5 - Remember to be enthusiastic with every activity and play lots of music. Your enthusiasm will get the kids excited about any activity and music always gets them going!

9th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Party Themes at 9 - Glamour Girl, Harry Potter, Transformers, Hawaiian Luau

Tip 2 - Horse Round Up Party.  If you have a budding cowboy or cowgirl try a Horse Round Up Party. Provide the kids with bananas or cowboy hats when they arrive, serve western food such as BBQ chicken or burgers western style. Have a pony ride at your house or if possible have the party at a stable.

Tip 3 -  Here are some unique ideas for live entertainment - caricature artist, karaoke, a water slide, Hip Hop or country singer, costumed characters, kids comedian, impersonator of a popular person or character, temporary tattoo artist (asks the parents first), ventriloquist, airbrush t-shirt artist, live animals.

Tip 4 -  Kids are becoming interested in cooking at an earlier age now-a-days.  Have an activity where the kids get to "help" cook.  An easy way to do this without using stoves and knives is to provide toppings for a food item.  This works well with letting the kids decorate mini-pizzas, cupcakes, mini-cakes or ice cream sundaes. Provide all the toppings and let them create a yummy masterpiece.

Tip 5 - Girls love to play grown up at this age so have a tea party for the girls. Either find a locale that has tea time or do it at your house. Tell the girls in the invitation to dress up and then serve tea and finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. Discuss the ritual behind drinking tea such as putting your pinkie up!

10th Birthday

Tip 1 - Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes at 10 - Twilight, American Idol, One Direction, iCarly

Tip 2 - This is an ideal age to celebrate your child's birthday at an amusement park. Invite a few friends and pay for their entrance fees and food. The kids are now old enough and tall enough to get on most if not all the rides.  They've probably all been experienced an amusement park by now and will know what to expect.

Tip 3 - Plan a chocolate party. What kid doesn't love chocolate? A chocolate party is simple to plan because everything is chocolate such as chocolate birthday cake, chocolate, favors, chocolate treats, chocolate fondue or even a chocolate fountain.

Tip 4 - A great place to get favors for girls at this age is Claires or any similar accessory store. You can pick up tons of inexpensive accessories such as hair clips, barrettes and jewelry.

Tip 5 - Plan a girly party for your daughter. A girly party would entail manicures and pedicures along with snacks and a fun girly movie such as The Princess Diaries. Have a couple of games or Barbie playtime and the girls will love it!

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