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When planning your child's birthday party there are many important tasks, but among them is picking the perfect birthday outfit. The birthday outfit is important for the many pictures you will undoubtedly take and simply for you and your child's enjoyment. Check out the party dresses we love!

Tips On Picking The Perfect Kids Dress

1) It's always nice to let the birthday girl pick her own outfit. This way she is wearing something she likes, is comfortable in and wants to wear...but if your daughter is prone to picking a green top with a red skirt then letting her pick may not work. In this instance options are best! Give her a choice of 2 or 3 outfits that are appropriate. Giving her a choice makes her feel like she picked the outfit while ensuring  you will approve of the outfit.

2) Make sure the outfit is comfortable. Kids dresses with tutus and are adorable but also make sure the outfit you put your child in is comfortable. Be sure to choose materials that won't irritate your child's skin and clothes they can move in. If your child is uncomfortable in what she is wearing it will show in her mood and NOBODY wants a moody birthday girl!

3) Be sure your daughter's shoes are comfortable and your she can run in them. Lets face it kids at a party are a bundle of energy. Kids run and play the entire time so be sure those new shoes you buy won't have her skidding all over the place.

4) I know we love to add all those accessories on our girls from the pretty pink bow to bracelets and earrings.  Be careful with the accessories as they might get lost, could be a choking hazard if they fall off and could be uncomfortable for the child.  We're not saying no cute bows or so on but we are saying be mindful of the accessories and edit.

5) And although we are talking about girls dresses we couldn't leave out our readers that have boys.  Most of the above information goes for boys too.  Give choices, pick comfortable clothes and shoes and be mindful of the accessories.  As parents we can't resist a tie or bow tie and vest.  These items are great for pictures but when it's time to play let them ditch these items.  If you have a child that is happy in a tie then great but if it bothers your little one then take the pictures and say bye bye to the uncomfortable clothes.

The bottom line is there are so many clothing choices for children that you can easily find an outfit you both like and is comfortable to wear and easy to move in.

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