Top Ten Kids Birthday Party Themes

Kids Birthday Party Themes

There are hundreds of possible kids birthday party themes to choose. This can be daunting when planning your child's party, but it doesn't have to be. Just follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to choosing the perfect party theme!

Always pick a theme

  1. This is the most important rule when planning a kid’s party, PICK A THEME. A kids birthday party theme serves as the blueprint to your party and makes all the other planning decisions easier. A party theme gives you a direction and makes the party cohesive.

Listen to your child

  1. Regardless of how young your child is they are still able to communicate their likes and dislikes.
  2. Whether you have a 1 year old who smiles at what he enjoys, a chattering 5 year old who goes on and on about what he likes or a demanding 10 year old who tells you emphatically what he wants they all get their point across in their own way.

Incorporate your kids birthday party theme in a unique way

  1. Of course party theme supplies based around your theme is a great advantage when decorating for a kids party. 
  2. Take advantage of all the supplies such as the plates, tablecloths and banners/
  3. Add a few unique elements of your own too.  You can do this through the decorations or the food.  For example, serve dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets at a Jurassic Park party.  Or name your food in a fun way for example, call curly fries worms at a Halloween Party.

Incorporate your kids birthday party theme into activities

  1. Base a couple of games around your theme. For example, have a safari hunt if you're throwing a Safari Party (same as a treasure hunt but called a safari hunt). 

We've pulled together a list of the Top Ten Kids Birthday Party Themes of the moment!  We will update this page often for our readers so check back often to see the latest list.

1 - Princess Party

A princess party should be a Royal Event!! As a parent be thankful if your child chooses a princess theme, since there are tons of Princess Party supply choices. The more choices, the easier the decorating.

Visit our Princess Party Page filled with decorating ideas, food tips and everything you need to throw a princess party.

2 - Sports Party

Do you have a budding baseball, football, basketball or soccer player? No matter what sport your little athlete is a fan of a sports party is always a big hit. And yes, boys and girls both love sports! A sports party is another kids birthday party theme with an abundance of party theme supplies available.

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3 - Pirate Party

Ahoy matey! A pirate party is lots of fun. Children love pirate decorations such as eye patches, skulls, spiders and treasure. Incorporate all kinds of pirate items and activities into your party.

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4 - Cupcake Party

Cupcake parties are quickly becoming the rage. And decorating around this sweet treat is becoming easier and easier as more party supplies become available.

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5 - Superhero Party

Kids love superheroes!! Boys and girls alike. Whether you're throwing a Spiderman, Batman or Wonder Woman party kids will enjoy themselves. The idea of super powers and exceptional strength are party pleasers. There are tons of great decorations and games for any Super Hero party.

Visit our Batman Party Page for decorating, game and food ideas.

6 - CandyLand Party

Decorate with lots of candy! A candy buffet, lollipop centerpieces, candy garland. What more could a child want?

Visit our CandyLand Party Page for party ideas. We've put together a page of tips on decorations, games and fun ideas for our readers.

7 - Prince Party

Just like the princess the boys want to experience royalty too! A prince party is fun to throw with lots of options for decorations.

8 - Safari Party

Animals, Animals, Animals! Kids love animals, a Safari adventure couldn't be more fun! 

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9 - Slumber Party

Every girl wants at least one (probably more than 1) slumber party. Kids love the idea of an all night party!

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