Kids Birthday Party Supplies

Find below a store filled with kids birthday party supplies. Take a look around for great products that we love and will liven up your next birthday party. We've included great decorations for many popular themes and matching paper products. You will also find party favors, activities, gifts and even birthday outfits!

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Planning Tips

1) Begin to plan your party 6 to 8 weeks prior to the party date. It's especially important to give yourself some time if you are hiring entertainment as entertainer can book up early.

2) The first thing you must do when planning a kids party is to PICK A THEME! The planning can not begin until a theme is chosen. The theme sets the blueprint for planning the rest of the party. Be sure to get your child's input when picking a theme!

3) Once the theme is chosen then the fun begins. Based on the theme you can choose the decorations, food, activities, colors, favors and much more. All aspects of planning a party are important but the decorations are an expression of your theme and a big part of the party. The decorations help to set the mood of your party.

4) Activities are an essential part of your party planning process as well.  You must have enough activities to keep the kids occupied.  The children are going to find something to do therefore you want to make sure you have them doing what you want. 

5) The good thing about activities is that they can add to your theme.  Choose activities that go with your theme and it will bring your party together.  You can make your activity coordinate with your theme by simply taking a ordinary game an changing one element.  For example, if you were throwing a baseball theme party you could play "Hot Potato" but call it "Hot Ball" and use a soft ball instead of a potato.

6) In addition to selecting a theme, decorations, activities, food and more you must also pick the location, date and guest list. These are of course important elements of your party as well.

Check out our Party Tips Page and our Party Checklist for more helpful tips when planning your child's party!

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