Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

We've put on our thinking caps and come up with a list of 16 fun and unique kids birthday party ideas. This list is a collection of our favorite, best, most fun birthday party ideas! These ideas cover an array of kids party themes and styles. There is something here for everyone!

It's always fun to include fun and unique ideas into any party you throw, so feel free to use any of our favorite ideas.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

1)  If you want to throw a pool party, but you don't have a pool, don't let that deter you. There are lots of outdoor water activities you can provide in your pool-less backyard. Have a few wading pools for the kids to splash around in, provide a slip and slide, a sprinkler water feature, arrange a water balloon fight and water guns are always fun. After this party the kids will feel like they've been in the pool all day!

2) There is an abundance of entertainment available for kid’s birthday parties. Here are a few fun entertainment ideas: caricatures, fake Tatoos, bounce house, bubble machine, magician, puppet show, clown, balloon twisting, popcorn machine, snow cone maker, singing telegram, face painting, animal presentation and cooking lessons for kids.

3) This is a fun kids birthday party idea for any kids party. Silly Photo - Provide the kids with props like fake mustaches (cut out of felt), glasses, wigs, hats, clown noses, etc. Then take silly pictures of the kids to take home as a memoir of the party.

4) If you're having an outdoor party water guns are always a hit and inexpensive way to entertain the kids.

5) A fun kids birthday party idea for a Hawaiian party is Hula dance lessons. Hire an instructor and teach the kids some moves in keeping with your theme.

6) Should you have kids birthday party games at your babies 1st birthday? The answer is "Yes" if you are having older kids (from 3 and up). It's also fun, but not necessary, to provide a few adult games since a 1st birthday party typically has more adults than children.

7) A trendy party for the tween girl is what's called a "Pamper Me Party" or "Glamorous Girl Party". You can either throw this party at home in which you'll need to provide things such as hairstyling, makeup, manicures, pedicures and such. Or have the party at a salon where they will provide all the pampering.

8) For a teddy bear party used stuffed teddy bears as centerpieces. Tie a couple of balloons to Teddy's arms or legs and you have a great centerpiece in keeping with your theme!

9) A great centerpiece for a car themed party is using model cars your child put together. It's a great activity to do prior to the party with your child and it helps your child to feel like they contributed to the party. It's also a great centerpiece that matches your theme. (You can do this for a train party or airplane party too).

10) A great party to incorporate face painting is a Star Wars or Star Trek party. Have the face painter (or you) give each child an Alien face called "Alien Face Painting". After each child's transformation give them an alien name and watch the kids have tons of fun pretending to be aliens.

11) A fun game for a Fire Truck themed party is "Water Brigade". Divide the kids into teams and give each child the same size bucket. Fill the first bucket with water and have the kids pass water from 1 bucket to the next down the line and back. The team with the most water left at the end wins.

12) Dress up is always fun at any kids party. Provide an area with dress up clothes (that match your theme of course). You'll be surprised how much time kids will spend on this activity.

13) A favorite Halloween party game or any party really is "Gut Dip". To play this game fill a large bowl or bucket with anything squishy such as pasta or mashed potatoes. Hide small objects throughout the squishy substance. Give the kids a set amount of time to put their hands in the squishy substance and find an object. They get to keep what they find.

14) For memorable and fun invitation, send out construction-paper masks with details written on the back. Cut out the face of your favorite animal (ears and all) then punch holes on the sides and tie on ribbon. Don't forget to cut out holes for the eyes and mouth.

15) Unique party ideas are hard to come by but a Bandanna party is still unique. Decorate with bandannas in different colors such as replace party hats with bandanna's, use bandanna's as napkin rings, make bandanna party streamers by using fishing line and folding bandanna's in half across the fishing line (secure with staples if necessary) and string across the party area. Use bandannas as placemats.

16) A fun party game that is also tasty is "What Candy Is It". To play this game you will need several different flavors of chocolate bars such as Snickers, Milky Way, Nestle Crunch, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Hershey Bar, 3 Musketeer, Twix and so on. Melt each chocolate bar in the microwave. Divide the melted candy into small portions for each child to taste. Have the children taste each melted chocolate bar and guess what candy it is. Who ever guesses correct gets that chocolate bar as a prize. Of course, give fresh, unmelted candy bars as prizes.

We'll be adding to our list of Kids Birthday Party Ideas so check back often!

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