Random Thoughts About Kids Birthday Parties

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Believe it or not planning kids birthday parties can be fun. Stress is not a requirement when planning a kids party. To help eliminate the stress we’ve put together a list of great kids birthday party tips. Find ideas, decorations, games and various thoughts we felt would be helpful when planning a kids party.

Kids Birthday Party Favorite Color

Does your child have a favorite color?? Most likely they do. Throw a party based around your child's favorite color. For example, if your child’s favorite color is red decorate with red decorations, red food such as pizza, hot dogs with ketchup and red cake. Be sure to incorporate red into the activities such as a coloring activity using only red crayons, paint or markers. And have everyone wear red!


Kids love Superheroes! Here’s a fun birthday party idea for kids when throwing a Superhero party.

Superhero training camp - include the 4 basic and most important skills of a superhero.  

  1. X-ray vision – Blindfold the children and have them identify an easily identifiable object such as a toy car, bowl or banana.
  2. Power - Have the kids lift toy barbells. Wright exaggerated pounds on them like 100 pound.
  3. Aim – Play Pin the Mask on a Superhero. Play just like Pin the Tale on the Donkey but use a Superhero who wears a mask.
  4. Speed – Organize a relay race.

Water Play

If you’re having an outdoor party, water guns are always a hit. Kids love water guns and it’s an inexpensive and easy activity. Other fun outdoor activities are bubbles and sidewalk chalk.


If your child is a drama queen or king then try this fun game.

Drama in a Bag

  1. Divide the kids into teams.
  2. Give each team a bag with various items such as an apple, cup, comb or toy (no more than 5 items).
  3. Give the children 10 minutes to create a skit that contains all the items in their bag.
  4. Then let each team perform!

Party Entertainment

There is an abundance of entertainment available for kids birthday parties. Here are a few fun entertainment ideas: caricatures, bounce house, bubble machine, magician, puppet show, clown, balloon twisting, popcorn machine, snow cone maker, singing telegram, face painting, animal presentation and cooking lessons for kids.

Pool-less Pool Party

Throw a pool party without a pool! If you want to have a pool party but don't have a pool go for it anyway. Here are some fun ideas to make your pool-less pool party a smash.

  1. Have blow up pools in your backyard for the kids to splash around in
  2. Have a slip and slide (which kids love) at the party.
  3. Provide water guns and organize a water balloon fight.
  4. And I'm sure you can figure out something to do with a water hose!!

Unique Ideas

A list of unique kids birthday parties and theme ideas. Not all kids birthday parties have to be the same. Check out a few themes your neighbors may not have thought of yet:

  1. Lego Party
  2. Indiana Jones Party
  3. Camping Party
  4. Teddy Bear Party
  5. Tea Party,
  6. Costume Party
  7. Clown Party/Carnival
  8. Transportation Party (Plane, Train or Automobile).

Silly Photo

This is a fun party idea for any kids party.

Silly Photo

  1. Provide the kids with props like fake mustaches (cut out of felt), glasses, wigs, hats and fake noses.
  2. Then take silly pictures of the kids to take home as a memoir of the party.

Tree Decorating Party

Do you love throwing parties for your kids? If so, then you know any occasion can become a reason for a party!! So, why not a Christmas Tree Decorating Party?

To arrange this party you will need to provide a Christmas tree with only the lights hung. The kids will do the rest!

  1. Provide the Christmas tree decorations such as balls, tinsel, garland, candy canes and so on.
  2. To set the mood decorate the room with Christmas decorations and play Christmas carols.
  3. Food is simple, all you need is a few desserts such as Christmas cookies, brownies, gingerbread men, hot apple cider and hot chocolate.
  4. For fun add a few activities like stringing popcorn or making paper garland to decorate the tree.
  5. Or have the kids make their own ornament to take home.

This is a fun party and gets all the kids in the Holiday Spirit!

Party Favors

Do your kids get the same party favors over and over again?? Lets see...they've probably received stickers, bubbles, pencils and crazy erasers to name a few. Contrary to popular belief there are lots of other choices that are inexpensive yet different. Here are a few we came up with:

  1. Glow Stick, Glob Necklace, Glow Bracelet (anything that glows!)
  2. Play doh
  3. Lip gloss for the girls and fake mustaches for the boys
  4. Sparkle crayons
  5. Carvel or Dairy Queen coupons.

And if none of these meet your fancy then have the kids make their own favors such as:

  1. Make their own lollipop using lollipop molds (have them make the lollipops at the beginning of the party so they are ready to take home at the end).
  2. Prepare cupcakes ahead of time and let the kids decorate and frost them to take home.
  3. Purchase white t-shirts and fabric paint and have the kids design their own t-shirt.


A scrapbook is a lovely homemade gift that your child will treasure. Make a scrapbook full of your child's favorite things. Start a couple months before her birthday and include swatches of favorite things along with stories. Write a letter or two to your child such as their first day home from the hospital or how much you love them. The idea is to include in the scrapbook treasurers your child loves and thoughts your child will cherish. When done this will be a source of comfort for your child and something they will go back to time and time again.

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