Karate Birthday Party

Karate Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

Martial Arts School

The best place to host a kids Karate birthday party is at a Martial Arts School. If your child is taking karate classes (which is probably the case) then ask the school if they host karate birthday parties. Most schools will host a karate party at an affordable price. By having your kids karate party at a martial arts school you will minimize safety concerns since the professionals will be there. Typically you will supply the party supplies and food. The school will provide the entertainment in the form of karate lessons, demonstrations and games.

Your decorations can be minimial as the location is your "decorations".  If you want to add something bring black and red streamers and balloons.  Use karate themed party supplies (plates, napkins, tablecloth).

There is not much else to do. The school will take care of the party activities.

Karate Party At Home

If you are having a Karate Party at home you can still decorate with karate themed products and use a black and red color scheme. Since you don't have the Karate school as a locale you will need to provide more decorations.

Hang posters of Kung Fu artists such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris.

Greet each child with a Karate headband when they arrive.

Have a Karate Pinata, but lower it enough to allow the kids to kick it as opposed to hitting it with a stick. If the kicking takes to long then pull out the stick.


Goody Bag Ideas - Karate stickers, karate tattoos, karate lesson book, miniature martial arts figurines and candy. Use empty Chinese food containers as the favor bag.


Karate Uniform

  1. Give each child a Karate uniform when they arrive
  2. Use a large white adult undershirt and give each child a nylon belt (you can purchase nylon material from a fabric store and cut strips to make belts).
  3. Remember the martial arts belts change colors as a student advances. The belt colors in order are white, yellow, green, blue, red and black.

Karate Lessons

  1. Hire a martial arts student who can teach the kids a few moves.
  2. Be sure to provide lots of space to ensure the kids are not hitting each other.
  3. Have the kids compete to determine who has the best moves then provide the winners with advanced martial arts belts.

Kicking Contest

  1. Conduct a kicking contest allowing the kids to compete to see who is the highest kicker.
  2. The winner receives a new martial arts belt with an advanced color.
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Fried Rice

Egg Rolls

Chicken Nuggets with Sweet & sour dipping sauce.

Fortune cookies for dessert!

Be creative and make a few fun food items look like sushi or use chopsticks.

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