Jake and the Neverland Pirates


Yo Ho Mateys!  If you have an aspiring pirate in your family then he/she is sure to love the Disney show Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  What better way to celebrate your child's birthday then with a pirate adventure.  Here are some of our favorite ideas when throwing a Jake pirate party!

Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Start your decorating by using some of the 100's of Jake and the Never Land Pirates party supplies available.

2) When your guests arrive have them pick a Pirate name!


3) Add your own style by adding some nautical and pirate items.  Hang anchors from the ceiling instead of traditional streamers, serve snacks out of small treasure chests and decorate tables with gold coins (gold doubloons) instead of confetti.

4) Use a treasure map as a wall decoration.

5) In place of traditional party hats give guests pirate hats.  

6) Use bandannas in place of napkins.

7) Give your pinata a pirate theme by adding treasure.  Use plastic jewelry (such as beaded necklaces and rings) along with candy jewelry. 

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Activities

Treasure Hunt

  1. Every pirate party has to have a treasure hunt.
  2. Hide gold doubloons (chocolate coins wrapped in gold) or gold bars (use Hershey nuggets) around the party area and have the kids hunt for them.

Pirate Dress Up

  1. Have a dress up area where the kids can dress as pirates.
  2. Provide eye patches, bandannas, spy glasses, hooks.

Treasure Chest Craft

  1. Decorate treasure chests.  Purchase plain treasure boxes and provide items to decorate such as glitter, stickers, markers, gems.

Dig For Treasure

  1. Provide a sand box and bury plastic jewelry or small toys for the kids to find. 
  2. Give the children small shovels to dig with.


Pirate Bounty - Every pirate wants their pirate bounty.  We suggest using a treasure chest or sack as your favor bag and giving various pirate themed items such as plastic jewels, candy jewelry, spy glass, eye patch and fake money.


Of course hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and pizza are good choices for any kids party, but if you want to be a little more adventurous try some of these ideas.

1. Gold nuggets - chicken nuggets
2. Hot Dog Worms - Kids Party Food Page. for the recipe.
3. Fish - Goldfish crackers
4. Stick a pirate flag food pick in anything such as a sub sandwich or fruit.

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