High School Musical Party

High School Musical Party Ideas & Decorations


Begin with High School Musical Party theme products such as invitations, plates and cups.

2) Hang pom poms, pennants and "Go Cats" posters on the wall and around the party area.

3) String white garland lights around the room and hang stars from the ceiling to give the entire party a stage effect.

4) Place a red carpet on the ground leading up to the doorway. Use red fabric, weigh it down with rocks on the edges.

5) Decorate the door with stars and garland lights.

6) Decorate the walls with posters of your favorite characters such as Gabriella and Troy.

Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Soundtrack to the High School Musical, glitter, gloss, plastic microphones and candy.

Party Activities

Makeup Station

  1. Set up a makeup station and allow the kids to have theater makeovers.
  2. Either you can assign a few helpers to do the makeovers or allow the kids to do their own.


  1. Create a karaoke area.
  2. You can purchase a karaoke machine for as little as $60 and it can double as a birthday present for the guest of honor.

Pennant Craft

  1. Set up a crafts station and have the kids decorate a Wildcats pennant.
  2. Prior to the party create pennants using red and white felt paper.
  3. Provide letters, stars, glitter and shapes they can glue onto the pennants.

Name that Tune

  1. Play snippets of the songs off the soundtrack and have the kids guess which song it is.

Also, visit our party games page with many more fun party activities.


Usual party food such as pizza, hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

Add additional theater treats such as popcorn, large boxes of candy and soda.

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