Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas & Decorations


Aloha!! A Hawaiian Luau party is a fun party to plan because you can be very creative. There are many ways to bring your vision  to life. Children love Hawaiian parties because the decorations are so colorful and vibrant.

When beginning to create your tropical getaway start with a few store bought Hawaiian luau party supplies.  There are lots of items for purchase and this is a great way to start your decor.

Continue on your quest to transport your guests to a tropical island with island decorations such as Palm trees, grass table skirts and tropical centerpieces such as a tropical fruit basket or a pineapple centerpiece.  Sprinkle flower petals and shells on the tables. 


As the host get into the theme and wear a grass skirt.  On the invitation ask the kids to come dressed in tropical attire.  Hand out leis and flower hair clips when the kids arrive. 

If the party is happening indoors then hang tropical wall decals and beach cutout signs.   Scatter toy crabs and fish around the party area.

Another fun decoration is a surf board. If you don't have a surf board make one out of an old ironing board.

  1. Remove the legs and cover with heavy construction paper. 
  2. Decorate the paper to look like a surfboard using flower stickers, fish and write Big Kahuna or Sunset Beach.

Hollow out fruit such as oranges or pineapples line and fill with chopped fruit or candy.


Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas & Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - include flower hair clips, sunglasses, leis, shell necklace or flip flops

Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas & Activities

Shovel And Pail Relay

  1. Purchase two sand buckets and shovels.
  2. Divide the children into 2 teams.
  3. Organize a relay race where the children have to pick up a small block with the shovel on one side of the room or yard and then run to the other and dump it into the pail.
  4. The first team to put all their blocks into their pail is the winner.

Sand Box Hunt

  1. Create a sand box. Using a small wading pool and pour sand into it.
  2. You can play one of two ways. You can hide small toys in the sand and have the children dig through the sand to find the treasure. They get to keep what they find.
  3. Or, hide small plastic fish and crabs in the sand and tell the children they get a gift if they find 2 fish and 2 crab (or whatever number you choose). You will need to have separate gifts for the children.

Hula Toss

  1. Have the kids throw a ball through a hula hoop from a predetermined distance.
  2. They get a prize if it goes through the hoop.

Hula Hoop Contest

  1. Have a hula hoop contest.
  2. Either have enough hula hoops for all the kids to "hula" at the same time and whoever lasts the longest wins.
  3. Or group the children into pairs and have each pair compete (you only need 2 hula hoops this way).

Island Jewelry

  1. Provide the kids with any pasta that has a hole in it such as macaroni, pasta shells, penne, rigatoni and so on.
  2. Provide string to use to make necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

Fish Pond

  1. You will need a wading pool, a small net (a fish tank net works well) several rubber fish (if you can't find rubber fish use rubber ducks). You will need as many fish and prizes as you have guests.
  2. Put numbers on the bottom of each fish using a waterproof marker.  Also, number each prize.
  3. Have each child use the net to try to catch a fish. Once they've caught a fish they get to open the prize that corresponds with the number on the bottom of their fish.
  4. To make the game more exciting you can have a golden fish egg prize. Use a gold marker (waterproof) to draw a golden egg on the bottom of 1 fish. Whoever gets the fish with the golden fish egg gets the "Golden Fish Egg" prize. This prize should be a little more exciting then the other prizes.

Hot Coconut

  1. Play as you would hot potato, but using a coconut.

Sand Art

  1. You will need glass jars,  colored sand and funnels.
  2. The kids use the funnels to put the different colors of sand into their jars.

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Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas & Food

Skewered fruit

BBQ chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs

Pineapple pizza

Macaroni and cheese using shell pasta

Fish sticks

Serve chicken salad, tuna salad or fruit salad in pineapple boats. Cut the pineapple in half and remove the inside fruit. Fill with the salad.


Hawaiian Fruit Smoothies - Use any of the below ingredients, put in blender with ice and top with Whipped cream and a paper umbrella! Ingredients: pineapple juice, orange juice, apple juice, mango juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, frozen grapes, frozen mangoes, frozen pineapples and any other fruit you can imagine!

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