Harry Potter Party Supplies & Ideas

Harry Potter Party Supplies, Ideas & Decorations

1) Hand out wizard hats as party hats when the guests arrive.

2) Have a Harry Potter costume party! Include on the invitation that the children should arrive dressed up in Harry Potter costumes.

3) Decorate with moons and stars hanging from the ceilings.

4) Dim the lights and decorate with white Christmas lights around the party area.

5) Use small cauldron's as centerpieces and fill them with candy. The centerpieces fit the theme and the kids can snack as well.

6) Cauldrons can be used for a number of things like serving punch.

7) Decorate with spider webs around the party area.

8) Hang bats from the ceiling.

9) Decorate with broomsticks around the party area.

10) A few owls will add a nice touch to the party decorations

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Goody Bag Idea - include rubber spiders, snakes and mice, small notebooks (to put your spells in of course), stickers, glow in the dark necklaces & bracelets, activity books.


If ever there is a time to hire a magician for a party now is the time. A magician at a Harry Potter party is the perfect entertainment.

In addition to the magic show have the magician teach the kids a couple of magic tricks. Provide the props they need to carry out the tricks. These can also serve as party favors!

Other Party Games:

Dragon Egg Hunt

  1. Prior to the party take plastic Easter eggs and spray paint them silver, gold or speckled to make "dragon" eggs.
  2. After the eggs dry put candy in the eggs then hide them around the party area.
  3. Have the kids hunt for the eggs.


  1. Have the children concoct their own potions.
  2. Using glass jars fill them with ingredients that Harry Potter might use in a potion.
  3. Using real food make things such as worms, beetles or cat eyes. Label each jar with it's gross ingredient. Here are a list of ingredients you can make:
  • Spaghetti with red sauce - worms or brains
  • Dried prunes - beetles or roaches
  • Raisins - ants
  • Malted chocolate eggs - bird eggs
  • Maple syrup - truth serum
  • Black jelly beans - cat eyes
  • Crushed Oreo cookies - dirt
  • Green Jell-O - Slime

Give each child their own plastic (see through) container that they can put all the ingredients of their secret potion in.

Magic Drinks

  1. Prior to the party add a few drops of food coloring to the empty party cups and let dry.
  2. Just before serving the drinks add a couple of ice cubes to hide the food coloring at the bottom. Then in front of the kids add water or clear soda (such as sprite, 7 up, etc.) to the cups and watch as the clear soda or water turns colors.
  3. The kids will be amazed at the "magic" colors.
  4. Use different colors for each drink.

Planet Seek

  1. Print or cut out pictures of each planet and hide them around the party area prior to the party.
  2. Have the "Hogwart students" search for the planets.
  3. Give them a set amount of time to find 1 of each planet.

Potter Quiz

  1. Prior to the party pull together some Harry Potter trivia.
  2. Ask the kids the questions and see if they can answer them.

Hogwart School Quiz

  1. Prior to the party prepare a game sheet for each child. The game sheet should have the alphabet listed down the left side of the paper. One letter per line.
  2. At the party each child gets 1 game sheet and a set amount of time to list something from the Harry Potter movies or stories that begin with each letter such as H is for Hogwart and P is for Potions.


Wizard Hat Cupcakes

  1. Bake and frost cupcakes according to package.
  2. Melt chocolate chips according to package directions then roll sugar ice cream cones in the chocolate to completely coat.
  3. Place the cones upside down on a baking sheet and let dry.
  4. Place 1 sugar cone on each cupcake and then pipe yellow lightening bolts on the cones.

Acid Pops

  1. Take lollipops and roll them in honey and then in pop rock candy (for the explosion) and you've got Acid Pops.
  2. Prepare these right before serving as the moisture from the lollipops can cause the candy to lose its pop.

Pumpkin Juice 

  1. Of course, none of us want to drink pumpkin juice so use orange juice, Orange Ade or a clear soda with orange food coloring and call it Pumpkin Juice.

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