Handy Manny Party

Handy Manny Party Decorations & Ideas

  • Begin planning the decorations with a few Handy Manny or construction site party supplies.  Handy Manny party supplies are not as bountiful as they once were so if you are having difficulty finding Handy Manny items purchase construction site party supplies instead.
  • Handy Manny is bilingual and his favorite saying is "You break it, we fix it!". Put a sign on the front door, garage door or on the walls that says "You break it, we fix it" in both English and Spanish.
  • Hand out baseball or construction hats as party hats. Handy Manny wears a baseball hat all the time.


Goody Bag Ideas - Provide a goody bag with toy tools, candy, and Handy Manny stickers or a Handy Manny DVD (check out EBay for discounts).

Another Goody Bag Idea - Use a baseball hat as the goody bag by putting candy and toys inside the hat and then placing the hat in a clear cellophane bag and tying it with a ribbon.


Fix It

  1. Handy Manny is all about fixing things, create a work station and allow the kids to build with legos, play doh or blocks.
  2. Create a separate station with play tools.
  3. Let the kids roam between stations.

Tool Belt Hunt

  1. Create tool belts by putting Velcro on a children's belts and on a corresponding toy tool. Each tool should be able to stick to the belt with the Velcro.
  2. Take the tools and hide them around the party area.
  3. Tell the kids which tools they need to find and then have them search. The first child that fills his tool belt with the correct tools wins. Allow all the kids to keep their tools and tool belts.

Cone Ring Toss

  1. You will need construction cones and plastic rings.
  2. Space the cones a distance from each other and have the kids toss the rings on the cones.
  3. When they get a ring on all the cones they win.
Visit our Kids Party Games page for more activities and games. We've put together over 30 games and will adding more for our readers.


Handy Manny speaks Spanish so this a good opportunity to include Spanish food in your party menu. The items kids would be most likely to eat would be tacos, nachos and chips and salsa.

You can also serve the traditional party food such as hot dogs, pizza and chicken nuggets.

Serve your food in construction site items such as a toolbox or nuts and bolts container.  Of course new and clean.

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