Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas and Decorations

Begin with Halloween Party Supplies such as Halloween invitations, orange and black plates, cups and napkins.

Use carved pumpkins as centerpieces and tie orange and black balloons to the stems. If your carving skills are not up to par then use a kit. 

As always balloons are a must for any kids party.  Have some fun with Halloween balloons such as skeletons or ghosts.  

Hang skeletons on the walls and bats from the ceiling. Drape fake cobwebs around furniture and hang from the ceiling.

Another great Halloween party idea is a smoking cauldron. You will need to add water and dry ice to the cauldron. It should be 2 parts water to 1 part dry ice. This will make your cauldron smoke.

Halloween would not be Halloween without spooky sounds. Record your own spooky sounds and play them at the door as guest arrive. Or download spooky sounds from the internet.

Halloween Party Ideas and Favors

Goodie Bag Ideas - anything that glows in the dark such as stickers, glow sticks and necklaces.  Also, toys or small items that are Halloween themed such as pencils with ghosts on them or a Halloween themed coloring book.  Spooky items will be a hit as well such as eyeballs, spiders, bloody fingers.  And of course candy is very important on Halloween.  Use pumpkin buckets or cauldron buckets as the goodie bag. 

Halloween Party Games and Activities

Paint Decorate and Carve Pumpkins

Set up a craft station and provide a small pumpkin for each child to decorate. Provide decorating supplies such as markers, paint, glitter, stickers, feathers and glue.  Give the kids items to create their own unique pumpkin.

Costume Contest

Choose costume categories prior to the party and let your guests know on the invitation. Or just choose the best overall costume at the party.

Gut Dip

Hollow out a large pumpkin or use a large bucket and fill it with anything squishy such as pasta and use food coloring to color it red. Within the squishy substance hide small Halloween toys or plastic wrapped candy. Allow the kids to dig through the "guts for the treasure.

Pass the Pumpkin

Play just like hot potato using a small pumpkin. The way it works is to have the kids pass a pumpkin to each other while you play spooky Halloween music. When the music stops whoever is holding the pumpkin is out.

Guessing Game

Fill a glass jar with Halloween candy and have each guest write down their guess as to how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The closest guess wins the candy jar full of candy. Have guests make their guesses at the beginning of the party and announce the winner at the end.

Crazy Jack-O-Latern

Prior to the party cut out pumpkin shapes (1 per guest). Then cut out various jack-o-latern facial shapes and put them in a bag. Give each child a pumpkin shape and then allow them to take turns picking 1 facial feature out of the bag and attaching it to their pumpkin using glue sticks. The kids will create some pretty funny looking jack-o-laterns and have a blast doing it!


Decorating oranges puts a new twist on pumpkin decorating. Provide an orange to each child along with supplies to decorate it such as glue and googly eyes (the ones that spin), felt to make mustaches or mouths, construction paper, pipe cleaner, stickers, etc.

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Halloween Party Ideas and Food

Ghost cookies - Cookies cut in ghost shapes and decorated.

Ghost sandwiches - Cut sandwiches into Halloween shapes using cookie cutters.

Worm Ice Cube. Freeze gummy worms in ice cubes. Use the cubes when serving drinks to the kids.

Monster Pizza - Decorate scary faces on pizza. Use cut up meat such as pepperoni and ham as well as sliced vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and olives to create scary faces.

Monster Bread - Decorate scary faces using pita bread, cream cheese and other food. Remove the top layer of the pita. Spread cream cheese over the bottom half. Create faces on the cream cheese using olive eyes, cauliflower or broccoli brains, bologna tongues, American cheese teeth, carrot hair, etc.

Hotdog Worms - Cut hotdogs into thin slices and score the edges (a couple cuts per slice). Boil the hotdogs then serve the squiggly worms on buns (hamburger or hotdog buns will work).

Place plastic spiders and rats on your serving trays and bowls.

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