Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

I'm sure you're a snazzy dresser and your children are fashionista's; after all they are a reflection of you! But, even with all that savvy fashion "know-how", we bet there are several Halloween Costumes hiding amongst the clothes in your own CLOSET that you don't even know about!!  If you look hard enough you can probably come up with a few Halloween costume ideas for your little ones using just the clothes in their closet and yours!

But first here are some tips to remember when choosing a Halloween costume for your child.

1) Pick a costume that is easy for your child to move in. You don't want anything that restricts their ability to walk comfortably.

2) Instead of a mask opt for face paint to avoid a mask that may restrict their vision.

3) Select a costume that will last the night. Don't put them in something that is likely to fall apart before the fun is over.

4) For safety consider putting reflective tape on their trick or treat bags or work it into the costume if you can such as reflective tape on fairy wings or the edges of a cape. Have your kids carry a glow stick or wear a glow necklace.

5) Take into consideration your child's bathroom needs. An overly elaborate costume to remove may cause your young child to have an accident if they can't get out of it quick enough.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas


The Gypsy costume is a "Fan Favorite" among every little girl that is dreaming of the day she can wear every makeup product available, and usually all at once!

To achieve the Gypsy effect without leaving your closet, layer your child’s most colorful skirts one on top of the other at varying lengths (2 or 3 skirts will do) and pair that with a peasant blouse. If she doesn't have a peasant blouse then a big flowy blouse with a belt around the middle or a vest over the top. Pull out the costume jewelry and layer necklaces and bracelets.  Big hoop earrings (clip-ons if her ears aren't pierced), a scarf around her head and boots. And don't forget lots of makeup. A Gypsy needs the works - eye shadow, lipstick, blush and even paint her nails. Your daughter will think it is loads of fun and a little Gypsy will appear before your eyes!


Ahoy Matey! The Pirate costume is a favorite among boys and girls! Every boy loves the idea of dressing up and carrying a sword and many girls get a kick out of it too!

Achieving the pirate look at home is easy to accomplish. A bandanna on your child's head and boots are important. Tuck loose pants into the boots and for girls put on a skirt with a ragged bottom. A peasant shirt (or loose fitting shirt), vest and wrap a piece of fabric around their waist. For the boys it's fun to pencil in a mustache.   If you have a toy sword laying around that works as a great costume prop.

Cat Woman

Meooow! This costume is easy to achieve if your child is in ballet or dance class. If your child is in a dance class then you probably have a black leotard at home. You'll need the leotard with black tights and black shoes. Paint a black nose and whiskers on your child's face and give her ruby red lips. Make cat ears by using cardboard or construction paper in the shape of ears and attaching them to a headband. For the tail take a black belt and attach yarn (a lot) to the belt where you want the tail to be. Put the belt around your child’s waist and let the yarn hang in the back and you've got a tail.


This is a really easy costume to make at home. Have your child wear their pajamas, robe and slippers. Then give them a teddy bear to carry and pin a pacifier to their robe. Easy as that and you've got a costume!

It's a Dog

Are you a family of dog lovers? Why not honor Rover by becoming him for Halloween. This is another great Halloween costume idea. Have your child wear a black hooded sweat shirt and black pants. Attach black socks to the hood to make floppy ears. Put white socks on your child’s hands and feet to make paws (you can put white socks over their shoes). Using black liner, draw a nose and whiskers. Carry a chew toy or bone.

The Basics

The bare minimum needed to make a Halloween costume is a solid color turtleneck or sweat shirt and sweat pants. Add hats, wigs, capes, wings, face paint, etc. to make a creative costume.

If the mere mention of creating a homemade Halloween costume strikes fear in you, don't be afraid because there are 100's of costumes you can purchase for your kids that they'll love. 

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