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Gymnastics Party

Gymnastics Party Ideas & Decorations

A gymnastics party HAS to be at a gymnastics studio. Luckily most gymnastics studios provide party areas at reasonable rates. Call around to your local gyms or if your child is in gymnastics inquire about throwing a party.

Typically they will provide the party area and an opportunity for the kids to have supervised play on the equipment. Some will even throw in lessons either on the equipment or tumbling lessons.

Decorate with your child’s favorite colors. Balloons, steamers and matching cups, plates and table cloths will be enough. The gymnastics studio itself will help to set the mood and get the kids excited.

We always like to do something special when the kids arrive while still keeping with the theme.  For a gymnastics party make each child feel like an Olympian by placing a USA sticker on each child when they arrive.


Goody Bag Ideas - Whistles, gold and silver chocolate medallions (or coins and say they are medallions), water bottles filled with candy or small toys.  A fun twist - hand out candy bar medals...


Most of the activities will be centered around the instructors giving lessons or allowing the children to play on the equipment but here are a few more ideas:


  1. Have cartwheel or handstand contest.

Take Home a Memory

  1. Take a Polaroid of each child doing a gymnastics move whether it's a cartwheel, walking on the balance beam or flipping on the uneven bars.
  2. Give them the picture to take home.

A Race Across the Floor Mats.

  1. Have the kids line up in teams and have them race each other across the floor mats.
  2. The winning team is the team that finishes first after everyone has raced.

Dodge Ball

  1. The room should be big enough for a fun game of dodge ball.

Visit our party games page for more exciting games.


Be simple with the food. The kids are going to be more interested in playing than eating.

Chips and dip, pizza, hot dogs and popcorn

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