Glamour Girl Party

What is a Glamour Girl Party? It is a chance for young girls to get glammed up! The perfect age for a glamour girl party is 9 through 12. At this age the girls are interested in makeup but not old enough to wear makeup which makes this party special.

Ideas & Decorations

A Glamour Girl party is all about getting your makeup, hair and nails done.  To do this party properly you'll need separate stations for each activity.  This will allow you to have multiple makeovers going at once and the girls don't have a lot of wait time. 

It's also essential to make sure everything is sanitary.  Use makeup cleanser on your products before each use and clean your brushes.

Furnish your stations with all the essentials.  You'll need makeup, hair accessories, curlers, body glitter, nail polish to name a few. Each station should consist of a table, chair and mirror.

Your decor is simple.  It's simply the stations.  Drape the mirrors in white Christmas lights.  Decorate the tables with the products such as colorful nail polishes and lipsticks.  Add balloons and your set.

When the girls arrive provide them with smocks or robes and slippers or flip flops.

Keep the stylist simple too.  Enlist the help of older cousins, aunts or neighbors to do the makeovers. Have your stylists wear the same colored outfit such as white t-shirt and black pants.  Or print up t-shirts that say something fun such as "(insert bday girls name)'s Salon".  

Make a sign for the door to the party entrance or purchase a banner  that says "Welcome to (birthday girls name)'s Beauty Salon".

Make It Like A Spa

When each girl sits for her makeover offer her a drink such as sparkling cider in a champagne glass or a fruity mocktail with an umbrella.  Offer snacks as well.  Make the experience spa-like. 

Some more fun activities that would require prior parental permission... fake tattoos, fake nails, hair extension clip-ons and facial masks.

Before & After Shots

Set up an area for pictures. Drape a sheet to use as the back drop or use a white wall and take before and after shots.  Have the girls take pictures before they get started and then take another picture after they are glammed up.  Use a Polaroid camera or have access to printing the pictures so that the girls can take the shots home. 

Red Carpet Anyone

Create a red carpet and have the girls do a step and repeat after they get glamorous.  Cut a red sheet into strips and sew them end to end to create your red carpet. Weight it down with something heavy on the edges such as rocks/sandbags.


Let the girls take home the products they use.  Use a small purse as the favor bag.  Add a few fun items like ring pops, candy necklaces and clip on earrings.


Although the main activity is the makeovers it's a good idea to have a few activities to keep the girls busy while they wait for their turn.

Bead Making

Set up an area with beads and string for the girls to create necklaces and bracelets.

Dress Up

Along with the makeovers setup an area with clothes for the kids to dress up in.  Raid your closet, use old costumes, heels, tiaras, and so on. Add a few pieces of costume jewelry and the girls will have a blast.

Decorate Headbands

Provide plastic headbands and allow the girls to decorate them using glue, glitter, plastic gems, beads and ribbon.

You can also try some of these Kids Party Games.


Serve finger sandwiches

Fruit skewers with caramel dip

Mini pastries

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