Top Ten Gift Ideas For Kids

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Gift Ideas for Kids

The big question is what are the best gift ideas for kids and how much money to spend. As your kids reach school age the number of parties they are invited to multiply significantly. This can be a big time and money commitment for parents. Between chauffeuring the kids around, attending parties and shopping for gifts parents can spend many weekends on party patrol.

We have put together some tips on gift buying and some great and inexpensive gift ideas for kids.

Gift Buying Tips

  1. If you know your child has a few parties coming up buy all the gifts for the upcoming parties at the same time. If the kids don't know each other than you can buy the same gift in multiple. If the kids do then either buy different gifts or buy the same thing in different colors. If it's a popular toy all the kids would enjoy, then buy the same gift for all the parties.  By purchasing the gifts at the same time this will save you time.
  2. Use what your child likes as a guide. Most likely your child is a good gauge as to what the kids like these days. If your child likes it, her friends will too.
  3. Another great tip is to buy items that go with things the birthday child already has such as video games for a game console, train tracks to add on to a Thomas the Train set, Barbie items, and so on.
  4. Old time favorites never go out of style such as board games, sports equipment and puzzles.

Our Top Ten Gift Ideas For Kids

1) Craft Activities - Kids love to do crafts. A crafts activity set would be appreciated by any child such as a playdoh set, drawing/painting set or jewelry making.

2) Dolls - This may not be original but girls love dolls. Purchase a doll with a few outfits to fit. Or if you want to be more extravagant the American Girl Doll is hugely popular.

3) Building Sets - Kids love to be amateur architects. They love building sets such as Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Kinetics.

4) Action Figures - Boys can spend hours making up fantasy worlds for their action figures. This is a great present and a great way to get kids to use their imagination. Try action figures such as Star Wars or Superheroes.

5) Board Games - Board games are always a hit. Keep in mind the age of the child before purchasing a game. For little kids you can't go wrong with Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. As they get older memory games are fun and they'll always love a game based around their favorite cartoon characters. For older kids choose games like Pictionary, Battleship, Life or Stratego.

6) Video Games - If you know the birthday boy/girl has a particular game console purchase a video game. You can't go wrong.

7) Water Activity - Kids love to be outside and they love water. If the birthday child's home has a yard then a water activity is a great gift such as a slip and slide, Super Soakers, a sprinkler geyser or a water slide.

8) Activity Books - Activity books are a great gift because kids love them and they're also educational. A couple of ideas would be I Spy books, Mad Libs, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles and so on.

9) Educational Games - The whole family is happy when you give an educational gift. Look into Leap Frog or Vtech.

10) DVD or CD - The latest music CD or movie DVD is a great gift. Just ask your child what they are into, most likely their friends are into the same thing.

Check back for more gift ideas for kids!

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