Football Party Ideas


Football Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Base your color theme & decorations on the birthday boys favorite team. If he doesn't have a favorite team then use your favorite team or decorate in a general football theme. Purchase football themed party supplies such as plates, cups, napkins and invitations in either your team logo or general football decorations.

2) For a unique tablecloth use green heavy paper and mark it up with yard lines to look like a football field.


3) Serve snacks (chips, pretzels, candy) in a football helmet.

4) Decorate with football posters of your child's favorite player (if he has one, if not then yours). If you have football jerseys hang them on the wall as well.

5) Balloons and streamers always add an inexpensive, but huge element. Use colors that match your team or the decorations you purchased. And of course, purchase a few football shaped balloons for a special touch.

6) Have all the guests sign a message on a football as a keepsake for the birthday boy.

7) Have your guests come dressed in their favorite team jerseys for fun.

8) Create signs such as "your child’s name for Game MVP" and hang them on your front door, garage door or in your house.

9) Every football party should have super bowl rings.  Pass out ring pops and call them super bowl rings.  It's that simple!


10) Decorate with helmets, football pads and footballs around the party area.

11) More football party ideas - Create pennants of your child's favorite team and hang on the back of chairs, have you and your child wear his favorite team jersey, dress stuffed animals in your football jersey's (baby size) and use as centerpieces.

Football Party Ideas & Favors

Goody Bag Ideas: Use water bottles as the favor bag and fill them with candy and small toys such as football whistles.


Football Party Games

The activities for a football party vary based on the age of the birthday boy!

Hot Football

  1. Pass a football around the same way you do with hot potato.
  2. Play music (such as Monday Night theme music) and when it stops the one with the football is out.

Football Trivia

  1. Hold a football trivia contest and give out prizes.


  1. Play a game of touch or flag football.

Football Hunt

  1. Hide toy football action figures around the party and have the kids find them. 
  2. They get to keep what they find.

Football Jerseys

  1. Set up a craft station and have the kids to design their own football jerseys.
  2. Provide white t-shirts along with glitter, markers, paint, etc.

Trading Cards

  1. Make personal trading cards.
  2. Take Polaroids of each child.
  3. Set up a crafts station and have the kids create trading cards using their photo.
  4. Provide card stock paper and have the kids paste their pictures to the paper and create their own stats. Just like a real football card.

Quarterback Throwing Arm

  1. Have the kids throw a Nerf football at a target or through a hula hoop.


Serve food you would find at a football stadium.

Hot dogs

French Fries



Football Birthday Cake

Easy Football Cake - bake a sheet cake and frost it with green frosting. Pipe white icing to look like field lines then place a few football toy action figures on top.

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