Fairy Party


Fairy Party Ideas & Decorations

1) Upon arrival provide the guests with fairy wings or wands (or both). These can also serve as the party favor. The kids will love having these through out the party.

2) Sprinkle fairy dust (sparkly glitter) on the guests when they arrive.

3) Decorate in fairy colors. What are fairy colors...well we consider them to be silver, pink and light blue or any pastel colors. Purchase balloons, streamers, tablecloths in fairy colors.

4) Hang stars from the ceilings and tape stars to the walls.

5) Fairies often live in magical gardens. Decorate with flowers and plants (real or fake). For the perfect fairy garden centerpiece use flower centerpieces with balloons.

6) Candy bouquets are a fun, magical touch for a fairy party too. A candy buffet is equally as fun.

7) For a night time fairy party line the party area with white Christmas lights to make the party really light up.

8) Attach wings to the party chairs and accent with tutus. Optional: decorate the chairs using Christmas garland.


9) Decorate with garden bugs such as lady bugs and fire flies

Fairy Birthday Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - include rubber bracelets, candy rings & necklaces, wands, Tinker Bell stickers, jump ropes, bouncy balls and activity books.

Fairy Birthday Party Activities

Face Painting

  1. Hire a face painter to give the children a decorative face.
  2. Set up an area in your party for the face painting to take place.

Balloon Treasurers

  1. Put small items in the balloons before inflating them such as rings, friendship bracelets, necklaces, hair bands and small candy.
  2. Inflate the balloons.
  3. Have the kids pop the balloons to retrieve the prizes inside.


  1. Provide a workstation for the kids to create bead art.
  2. Provide supplies for the children to make jewelry or any other beaded idea that comes to mind.

Collage Creations

  1. Provide an area with dozens of pictures cut out of magazines for the kids to make their own collages.
  2. Use pictures of pretty clothes, jewelry, flowers, candy, cookies, cakes, etc. Provide the pictures but also provide decorative items such as ribbons, glitter and stickers to make their collages spectacular.

Headband Creations

  1. Provide the kids with plain headbands that they can personalize themselves using glue and decorative items such as buttons, ribbons, glitter, stickers, bows and more.

Jump Rope Contest

  1. Have a contest to see who can jump rope the longest without stopping.
  2. You can have the same contest using a hula hoop.

Dress Up

  1. Provide an area with dress up clothes for the kids to play.
  2. Include costumes, gowns, fairy outfits, etc.

Candy Hunt

  1. Prior to the party hide candy around the party area.
  2. Have the kids hunt for the candy.
  3. They get to keep what they find.

Fairy Food

Finger sandwiches

Fruit skewers

Pepperoni pizza (using the pepperoni's cut out heart and flower shapes)

Nutella and jam sandwiches

Chicken nuggets

Granola and dried fruit snacks




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