Easter Party Ideas

Celebrate Easter with a fun party, Easter egg hunt and creative Easter baskets. We love Easter parties because Easter Party Ideas are fun and creative!

Easter Party Ideas and Decorations

  • Use Easter baskets as your serving trays. Line the baskets with aluminum foil or wax paper and fill with chips, candy or desserts such as cookies.
  • Stuffed bunnies are great centerpieces. They can even serve as balloon weights. Tie the balloons to the bunnies ears or arms.
  • If you choose to assign seating then use decorated Easter eggs as your place cards. Write each persons name on the egg. Be sure to put the eggs in something to keep them from rolling around the table. Placing one end in a clear shot glass so they stand up works.
  • Decorate with spring flowers such as tulips and lillies. Use Easter baskets to hold your fresh cut flowers.
  • Decorate Easter eggs in your guest favorite characters.


A fun invitation idea is putting the invitation inside a plastic egg with candy (jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs or M&Ms).


Give each guest a chocolate bunny or small Easter baskets.


Egg Hunt

  1. Using chocolate eggs, hide them around the party area. The kids get to keep all the eggs they find.
  2. The child with the most eggs at the end wins a prize.

Coloring Easter Eggs 

  1. Set up an area for the kids to color and decorate Easter eggs.

Jelly Bean Count

  1. Place jelly beans in a jar and guess how many.
  2. The child that comes closest wins.

Easter Basket Decorating

  1. Set up an area for the kids to decorate Easter baskets.
  2. Provide decorating supplies such as glue, glitter, stickers, markers, paint, etc.

Egg Toss

  1. You will need plastic eggs and something to catch them in such as a hat or small bucket.
  2. Divide the children into teams of 2. Each team gets an egg and hat or small bucket.
  3. Have each team of 2 stand a distance apart.
  4. The teams must toss the egg back and forth catching it in the hat or bucket. After each round the teams move further apart.
  5. If the egg hits the ground the team is out. The last team standing is the winner.

Hot Potato (with a plastic egg) 

  1. Play Hot Potato but use an egg instead of a potato.

Don't Drop the Egg 

  1. Divide the children into teams of 2.
  2. Have the childern in each team tie one leg to their teammate's leg (like a 3 legged race).
  3. Give each child a spoon and have them balance an egg on the spoon.
  4. Have all the teams race to a predetermined point. The first team to reach the finish line without dropping or breaking their egg wins.

Or try this Egg Relay Game.


Fruit salad

Bunny shaped sandwiches

Bunny shaped cookies

Baby carrots with dip

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