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Easter Party Games

Are you planning an Easter Party?! Then of course you need Easter Party Games!! No kids party is complete without kids party games.

One of the most important rules when throwing a kids party of any sort is to keep the kids busy. It can be a recipe for disaster when you don't have enough activities. Kids won't sit still so if you don't provide something to entertain them, then they will find their own entertainment and it probably will not be something you like!

Find below a list of Easter party games for kids. Whether you’re throwing a kids Easter party, a family get together or you just want to make Easter extra special for your kids you’ll find fun Easter party games below. Use any of these free Easter games and also check out all our other party games!

Egg Stomp

  1. Tape large paper Easter eggs to the floor in a circle. Tape one less egg then there are children.
  2. Play music and have the children walk around the circle. When the music stops each child must be standing on an egg.
  3. The child not standing on an egg is out. The last child standing is the winner.

Bunny Hop

  1. Divide the group into 2 teams.
  2. Select a distance for the teams to race.
  3. Have 1 child from each team race. They must hop like a bunny as opposed to running. If they put their foot down at any point during the race they are out. However, if they don't put their foot down they go to the back of the line and continue racing until all the players on 1 team are out.

Egg Drop

  1. Divide the children into teams of 2.
  2. Have the children in each team tie one leg to their teammate's leg (like a 3 legged race).
  3. Give each child a spoon and have them balance an egg on the spoon.
  4. Have the teams race to a predetermined point. The first team to reach the finish line without dropping their egg wins.

Egg Toss (warning this could get messy)

  1. You will need 2 Easter baskets filled with Easter grass. You will also need eggs.
  2. Divide the children into teams of 2. Have 2 teams of 2 compete at a time.
  3. Have the children begin by standing across from each other, but within close proximity.
  4. Tell the teams to toss the egg back and forth catching the egg in their baskets. Each time both players successfully catch the egg separate the players further so there is farther distance to throw. The team that doesn't drop their egg wins.

*For less mess use hard boiled eggs but this is not as fun!

Easter Bowl

  1. You will need a colored egg for each player and 1 white egg. All eggs should be hard boiled!
  2. Place the white egg at a designated spot.
  3. Have each player roll their egg attempting to get it closest to the white egg. The egg that gets the closest wins!

Follow The Bunny

  1. Play follow the leader, but with a bunny theme.
  2. Have the leader tell everyone to hop, wiggle their tail, wiggle their nose and so on.

Easter Egg Hunt

  1. To make the Easter egg hunt extra fun, have the eggs dyed a different color for each child (use hard boiled or plastic eggs).
  2. At the start of the hunt, give each child a different colored egg. Tell them this is their color to find and any other color doesn't count. Tell them how many eggs they are searching for and let them hunt!
  3. The first child to find all their eggs wins.

*Instead of using real eggs you can also use colored plastic eggs and hide a surprise in each egg so that everyone gets a prize!

How Many Eggs

  1. Fill a glass jar with chocolate eggs.
  2. Provide paper and a pen. Have each child write their name and a guess of how many eggs are in the jar.
  3. The child that guesses correctly or comes closest wins the jar of candy!

Easter Bunny Says

  1. Similar to Simon Says. The player up will say, "The Easter Bunny says do jumping jacks". Everyone must do jumping jacks until the player says, "The Easter Bunny says stop". And so on.

Hope you enjoyed these great Easter Party Games!

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