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Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas & Decorations

For your dinosaur birthday party begin decorating with Dinosaur Party Products. After purchasing a few dinosaur themed products such as plates and cups add your own ideas.

Take a white tablecloth and stamp dinosaur foot prints on it.

  1. Use a large sponge and cut out dinosaur feet (remember the pointy toes).
  2. Put the sponge feet in paint then stamp them on the white table cloth.
  3. Sprinkle candy rocks and dinosaur fruit candy on the table.
  4. Use toy dinosaurs with balloons tied to them as centerpieces.

Decorate with balloon bouquets around the room. White, green and orange balloons are great colors for a dinosaur birthday party.

Create a jungle.

  1. Hang green streamers from the ceiling and decorate with dinosaurs around the room.
  2. Add some plants around the room (fake is fine).

Buy a dinosaur stamp and as guests arrive stamp each child's hand.

Decorate with dinosaur footprints. Cut out dinosaur footprints and lead them up to the front door.

Check out some great dinosaur party products we like!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Dinosaur Birthday Party Dinosaur Birthday Party Dionsaur Birthday Party
T Rex Standee
Dino Balloon Column
Dino Game
Pet Dino Balloon

Party Favors

Goody Bag Ideas - Large plastic eggs (dinosaur eggs) filled with candy, miniature dinosaur figures, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur fruit snacks.

Dinosaur Party Games & Activities

Dinosaur Trivia Game

  1. Kids love dinosaurs. It is one of the most exciting topics in school and kids seem to absorb everything dino. A dinosaur trivia game is a great way to get the kids excited and let them show off how much they've learned!

Tug of War

  1. Dinosaurs were strong. Let the kids show how strong they are with a good game of tug of war!

Create dinosaurs

  1. Use modeling clap to create dinosaurs.
  2. Have some examples.

Dig for It

  1. Fill a small pool with sand to create an excavation site.
  2. Bury items in the sand for kids to dig up such as, plastic bones, small dinosaur toys, plastic teeth.
  3. Provide small shovels for the kids to conduct there dig.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

  1. Use plastic eggs and fill them with candy or plastic dinosaurs.
  2. Hide them around the party area then let the kids hunt for them. This is a hit at any Dinosaur Party.

Also visit our party games page.  We've listed over 30 party games just for our readers!


Fruit salad on a stick!

Dinosaur shaped sandwiches. Make the sandwiches then use dinosaur cookie cutters and cut dino shapes.

Dinosaurs were vegetarians so remind your guests and then serve a veggie tray with dip and watch it disappear!

Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (Tyson's makes dino shaped nuggets). And of course hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza are a hit at any birthday party.

Cookies cut out into dinosaur shapes.

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